Sunday, July 20, 2014

Friends + Wildlife = Fun

Many of the animals at the Maine Wildlife Park were brought here because they were injured or orphaned, or because they were human dependent - raised, sometimes illegally, in captivity. The Park serves as a permanent home for wildlife that cannot survive in the Wild. All kinds of animals are here for their protection and healing. And they're here for you to enjoy and learn more about. Maine Wildlife Park

My kids and I spent a wonderful afternoon at the park with another family. The park is perfect for a nice, meandering walk to enjoy special friends and interesting native wildlife. We didn't let a few sprinkles slow us down!

Our young navigators' poured over their maps and came up with a plan on what direction we should meander through the park. (Sam knew not to trust MY directional abilities...) Eventually both gave up on the map reading for animal viewing and an occasional game of tag.

I know that porcupine's aren't the cutest, sweetest things around, but how can you not just love this little guy "standing up" and looking at us through the wire? He had a strange gait so perhaps it's healing from leg injuries.

We saw lots of different bird species including owls, falcons, vultures, quail, and even eagles, but peacocks have to be the most beautiful...with some of the LOUDEST, most ANNOYING calls ever. Have you ever heard them?

The kids especially seemed to enjoy the bears. There were two of these - one smaller, black and anther larger, brown, both shedding out their coats and a bit shaggy looking. It was interesting to see a lone chipmunk snagging some of the vending feed visitors can toss into the bear enclosure. It looked WELL fed!

And just past the coyotes, behind the "not on exhibit" mountain lion, and the lynx and bobcats enclosures are the moose. We couldn't miss the moose!

But look! We found some "monkeys" in a tree near the parking lot after our visit ended. (Why yes, that kid is mine!)


  1. Ok you KNOW how much Keilee would love this place!!!! How awesome. I love the peacocks [yes their cry is annoying isn't it?] and bears. My favorite is the monkeys. ;)

  2. Wow! My kiddos would have loved this! Such up close encounters and great pics:)

    I always wanted a peacock until I heard one cry;)

  3. What a great wildlife park! We are reading Hatchet by Gary Paulsen and the main character encounters a bear, a porcupine, and a moose! (But no monkeys.) Looks like you all had a fun day!

  4. That looks like a fantastic place to go!! I know my guys would love it.

  5. I love watching wildlife.
    The peacock sound made me laugh.

    I'm visiting from Friendship Friday

  6. You have totally changed my opinion of porcupines! He is adorable! Peacocks are beautiful, but they sound like women screaming. We have some neighbors who have a few so we get to hear them scream from time to time!


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