Monday, July 14, 2014

A Slice of Wonderful

The Atlantic is never far away when you live on a Maine island, but sometimes you can find a simply perfect secluded spot that is just WONDEFUL for exploring...or relaxing to the sound of gently crashing waves upon the shore. My sister is fortunate to have this "slice of Heaven" walking distance from her house. We, with Nannie Lobster, gathered up beach supplies and 5 exuberant kids and spent a glorious afternoon cove-side.

There was diving into the cool, briny water, tossing of brown and bumpy seaweed, gathering of sand, rocks and a lone white jellyfish.

Nugget didn't know what to think of her first feel of sand between her toes while sitting with her sister Sole. Noodle danced amongst the waves with her purple floaties.

Talk about a fun place to explore! My kids couldn't wait to do some "boulder jumping" and see what they could find on this line of granite covered with seaweed.

When the wind picked up, Noodle made a "rock bed" with her towels and warmed herself in the sun. It wasn't long before she was up again, dancing with Sole. Sam kicked around a beach ball.

There were lots of giggles and smiles at the end of the afternoon. Until our next visit...



  1. I'm so jealous! It looks like a little slice of heaven! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos of beautiful kids having fun in a beautiful place!

    1. Thanks for coming by, Sylvia! We did have a GREAT time there! Nothing like a "private" beach!

  2. Oh, what a life you live! Not that I don't appreciate the Rocky Mountains, they are wonderful, too--but I do miss the beach! Looks like you had a lovely day.

  3. Oh what a wonderful day at the ocean and such a great hands on learning experience. Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!


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