Friday, January 18, 2013

A Peak at Our Week: Session 3 Week 3 - Looking Ahead to Spring

In My Life This Week
Looking ahead to spring! Really, there's SO much more Maine winter left, but our heirloom seed catalog arrived from Baker Creek and White Pine and I got browsing...And then I found GrowVeg through Itzy Bitzy Farm on Facebook. What could be neater than planning your garden on-line, adding and changing crops with a click? And then printing out a list of how many plants or seeds you need and when to plant! Awesome!

My Favorite Thing
Balsam Fir brought me out to dinner last night. He earned a gift card from his Cub Scout popcorn sales and wanted to buy me dinner. (I was going to pay, but he was quite excited to hand his card to the waitress. ::laugh::) How sweet, huh? 

Homeschool High School
Something went awry with White Pine's tablet, but fortunately he's gotten pretty knowledgeable about computers and was able to get it working again. Was he ever relieved! Phew! 

Even though his SketchUp class didn't meet this week, he continued to work on his hospital for the group's 3D city. And he continues to make GREAT PROGRESS this session with his other subjects! 

O Pioneers!, CS Lewis Approach Paper (94%), Volume Conversions and Exponents, Finite and Infinite Sets, Fossils, Google Earth SketchUp, Tablet Repair

Homeschool Elementary
Sugar Maple spent several happily-focused hours making paper dolls of Greek Myth god and goddesses from our Ancient Greek studies. All on her own accord! Delight-directed learning at its best, huh? It's times like this where I can see going "unschool"! Anyway, she most certainly knows more about this era than I do!

Balsam Fir and I had a wonderful morning reading and baking. On-the-fly! Pun intended! ::wink:: Oh, did you see my post here? My pun would make more sense after you read it!

Our on-line Chemistry has kinda gone by the wayside. Not only has White Pine needed our ONE laptop for longer periods of time to do HIS work, but we're just not "feeling it".  So, I found a Netflix DVD on Chemistry that should arrive soon. I'm hoping SEEING Chemistry will help us to understand it better and incite some excitement. We'll see, right?

But we did make lots of progress with Story of the World! We read about the long-lasting Punic Wars between Carthage and Rome, and Hannibal who tricked the Romans with ELEPHANTS, but only to be tricked by the Romans who defeated the city of Carthage. And then learned about Hinduism and Buddhism in India.

Sugar Maple's Accomplishments
The Penderwicks, Hoot, Chomp, Creative Writing (on Computer), Spelling Days 38-39 and Test (95%), Conjunctions, Cursive, Fractions and Decimals, XtraMath, Ancient Greece, Clarinet

Balsam Fir's Accomplishments
Flat Stanley, Writer's Notebook, Word Wall and Word Builder, Handwriting, Subtraction with Borrowing, Coin War, Time Bingo, XtraMath, Ancient Greece

Books, Books, Books!
I finished reading the Treasury of Greek Mythology to Sugar Maple and Balsam Fir this week. I'm not sure that I would recommend this book to you as some parts were questionable, but my Saplings really seemed to enjoy it. Anyway, now what? ::laugh:: 

Places We're Going, People We're Seeing
☃ Basketball (BF) ☃ Boy Scout Merit Badge College (WP) ☃ Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Clinic (BF) ☃ T_, D_ and L_ Over ☃ Scouts (BF/WP) ☃ Clarinet (SM) ☃ 

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  1. oh I SO love your quote at the end! SUCH cute pics of the kids!!!! as always! :)

  2. Woah - that design-your-garden thing is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

    Your studies look like a lot of fun. I can't wait to go through Ancient Egypt and Greece again with my youngest in the coming years.

  3. Love your quote :) Have a great week! We will be reading some of that Fly guy today ;) LOL

  4. Popping in from the Weekly Wrap Up - thanks for sharing the garden planning tool - very cool! I got our seed catalogue too and it's got me all psyched up to plan up our gardening too - even though our garden is just 21 boxes (hubby make me a step-style garden for our tiny back yard last year). :)

  5. We use SOTW too - but we're on modern times right now. Looking forward to looping back to ancient history next year. Always fun to give the time line another go. I like that quote you ended with - truth to ponder.

  6. I need to plan out our garden. Seems so crazy to not do it. Your plans look good. I've never really had a garden before. So, I was telling my daughter today that it will probably have a lot of problems but we will learn as we go.

  7. The garden plans look great. And I noticed you've been reading The Penderwicks. We love the Penderwicks and are reading the third book now. :-)

  8. I'll have to remember the paper dolls for our ancient study next year. Amber loves paper dolls, so this should be a great fit. Amber just read, for fun, the Norse Myths this week. She can't stop talking about them, and I know more about Oden and Thor than I thought possible. She also dissected how the Norse beliefs were so "wacked". Glad to know it's all in fun for her.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. The paper dolls are from Literature Pockets (same company that does History Pockets): Greek Myths. It's a great unit study study! Similar to lapbooking.

  9. Thanks for the tip on the online garden plans. What a great idea! Also, love that you "named" the kids after trees! :-)

  10. It is fun to dream of spring in Maine, even though it's a looooong way away!

  11. Great quote you kind of sums up how I've been feeling lately. I need to save it for sure and post it near my workspace!!

    Love that your son bought dinner! That's awesome:)

    Looks like a very busy and fun week. Lots of good books being read:)

  12. Wow, so glad your guys knows how to fix things, eh? I want to read your 'on the fly' post, because that hair reminds me of my son's first cut every spring. He likes a Mohawk for his first hair cut every year :-)

    1. Mohawk is gone now! For our date, he asks for me to buzz it off. Aww!

  13. Oh how sweet of S to take you to dinner. That makes my heart swoon.

  14. What a love your son is!! You must have felt very proud to have such a wonderful date! Great week- love all the accomplishments.

  15. What a great week. You all might really enjoy this sight to go along with your chemistry. My kids watch it for the fun of it.
    Blessings, Dawn

  16. Sounds like a good week! I'm eager for Spring, too! And that's a great quote, too. Thanks!

  17. I love your favorite being your son taking you to dinner. My son treated me to a coke from Sonic this week and I think that will be at least one of my favorites in my wrap up when I post. Have a great week!


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