Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Peak at Our Week: Session 3 Week 2 - Into the Groove

In My Life This Week
Why do I always slack on keeping bedtimes and no screens until after dark?! ::sigh:: I'm telling you - best rules evah! (That /ah/ at the end is Mainer talk; just so you know. ::wink::) Everyone, well, everyone but my teen son (of course), wake up  "bushy-tailed", and they spend their days being creative, imaginative and productive. Our days just seem so much calmer! Now, to keep those habits in place. Isn't that always the hardest?

My Favorite Thing

Balsam Fir's Writing Notebook Entry

Homeschool High School
Can I just say that White Pine has been "rockin'" school since coming back from vacation? PRODUCTIVE! He's already finished Grammar 101 mod 3 for this session! And a chapter and 3 labs in Biology! And most of a unit in Excellence in Literature II! 

Getting Ready to DNA Labs - Googling Asia History

He's also TOTALLY loving his Google Earth SketchUp class at the high school. He chose to design the hospital for the group's digital town, and has been hard at work creating it. Problem? He's on MY LAPTOP doing it! ::wink:: But I'll give up my Facebook time for him.

Images of White Pine's SketchUp Hosptial - 3D Imaging In Progress

A Grief Observed, CS Lewis Approach Paper, Grammar 101 Mod 3, Graphs of Linear Equations, DNA and Acid Experiments, Google Earth SketchUp, Asia Geography and History

Homeschool Elementary
Balsam Fir has learned to "borrow"! Such exciting news, huh? We've had a challenging math year with little progress so learning something new was a big "thumps up"! And we've continued to trudge on with Time Bingo and Coin War. Wonder when those concepts will click?

Balsam Fir Reading Fly Guy Books - Balsam Fir's Visual Helper Word Wall -Sugar Maple
Hiding Behind Math - Learning to Borrow

We're still covering the finer points (elementary-level) of states of matter for Chemistry with Chem4Kids and watched this You Tube video and made Rock Candy (crystals).

And we briefly headed to the Americas to learn about the Nazcas who carved HUGE animals, flowers and other things into the earth that can be seen from planes and the Olmecs who made a mud pyramid in Central America and created sculptures of HEADS only. Then we returned to Ancient Rome in SOTW.

Balsam Fir's States of Matter Notebook Page - Sugar Maple's Mapwork -Balsam Fir

Sugar Maple's Accomplishments
Phantom Tollbooth, Heroes of Olympus: Son of Neptune, Creative Writing (on Computer), Spectrum Reading Comprehension, Sequential Spelling Days 32-36, Operations with Mixed Fractions, Decimals and Percentage, States of Matter, Ancient Rome

Balsam Fir's Accomplishments
In, Out and About in Catfish Pond, Thank You Notes, Book Report, Word Wall, Borrowing During Subtraction, States of Matter, Ancient Rome

Books, Books, Books!
I'm still reading aloud the Treasury of Greek Myths: Classic Stories of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes & Monsters to my younger saplings. Sugar Maple is SO into Greek Myths! (Note: There are some questionable areas in the book. I'm OK with them, but you may not be, so skim through before sharing with your kids.) And Balsam Fir can't wait to hear Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever before bed.

Places We're Going, People We're Seeing
☃ Basketball (SM/BF) ☃ Scout Achievement Awards (WP) ☃ Scouts (BF/WP) ☃ Enrichment Class (WP) ☃ Library (All) ☃ High School Basketball Game with Friends and Overnight (All)  

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  1. Wonderful journal devoted to Mom. Don't you love those?

    I also like the Yoda poster. My kids love Star Wars. :)

  2. AWWWWW I love Balsams journal to YOU! :D awww so sweet!

  3. The Yoda poster is wonderful. And Balsam Fir did a beautiful job on both the notebook page and the Mapwork.

  4. Love that notebook page - how awesome. You guys are cruising through SOTW!

  5. I like the sketchup hospital. Having played with that program before I know how much work went into that.

    My wife wanting to reclaim her laptop from the homeschool room acquired a new to us computer for him to use.

    I use tokens to control screen time. Each kid has their own set and each token is worth 1/2 hour. Things like family movie night don't count and they can earn more during the week. Works great when we do it but sometimes its gets left to the wayside and we have to start again when it becomes a problem.

  6. I love Balsam Fir's hair in his first collage! Eli woke up yesterday with a mohawk. We couldn't get it to do that if we tried a million times, so he wanted to know if he could keep it while we went to run errands. I gave it a little support with some water and hairspray. It was so funny!

    White Pine is just chugging along, huh? What an independent young man.

  7. I am teaching Matter also to my two girls they are early elementary though so the song that my husband I created may be too simple for your kids but I wanted to share just in case you and they enjoy it.

    Love your blog. Your home school looks so busy and active. Nice job!

  8. Another great week:)
    Love that sweet journal entry!
    And I'm thinking I need to put Yoda's words on my quote wall! Love it

  9. Looks like a fun week. I really need to get back into SOTW.. WE are taking our time with it LOL

  10. Aw, that's a great notebook page!!

    Whenever daddy is away, the nighttime routine is the first thing to go ;-)

    We have had a struggling student this year also. Each and every light bulb moment is precious.


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