Sunday, September 9, 2012

September is National CHICKEN Month

Have you hugged a chicken today?

You haven't?! ::wink::

Well, maybe some of my readers have! ::laugh:: We did!

September is National Chicken Month! I never knew there WAS a National Chicken Month...I guess there's a month for everything, huh?  I think National Chicken Month refers to EATING rather then KEEPING chickens though. Here, we celebrated CHICKENS as pets!

Chickens are really fun pets! Perhaps it's hard to think of them as pets? Or fun? ::wink:: But each one has a distinct personality and they do some very weird unique things that make us laugh. See Rhodie in the collage between the eggs? She's shy. And black and white Speckles with the beard and ear muffs? She IS grouchy! And Chee riding on the trike with Balsam Fir and inside White Pine's hoodie? She loves being held and coming inside for visits. 

And let's not forget those eggs! Our 7 hens have laid over 1100 eggs for us this year so far. 1100! 7 hens! Crazy, huh?

Anyway, celebrate National Chicken Month with us! Check out these things for your kiddos!

Our Favorite Chicken Book

Our Favorite FREE Chicken Printable
Click HERE for YOUR Go Scout Creative Paper Coop and Flock

Our Favorite Netflix Movie

Our Favorite Recipe
Bisquick Mini Quiches - Find the Recipe at Tastebook here.
Photo Credit by Tastebook.

Happy National Chicken Month!


  1. I'll be hugging some chicks come end of September. I'll have to check out that movie.

  2. that printout is awesome!

    i like chicken. a lot. mainly because i'm scared of beef. i've never hugged a chicken. maybe one day?

  3. This is wonderful... I had no idea it's National Chicken Keeping month... I'm inspired to do something grand for our little flock... popped by from Tilly's nest down home blog hop!

  4. How cool this is! My youngest daughter had decided to home school this year and I can see her using these things along with the wonderful book for a lesson or two. I may even pick the book up for them since I also own chickens!


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