Monday, September 24, 2012

Crew Review: Music Together

We listen to different styles and time periods of music. In my van right now you'll find The Beatles, The Muppets Greatest Hits, Pink, 80s Greatest Hits, Adam Lambert, Sonny with a Chance soundtrack, and Schoolhouse Rock. Pretty eclectic, huh? ::laugh:: We also listen to Country and Pop on the radio when the mood hits. But I thought it would be neat to review Music Together and listen to some other childhood favorites once again! Or perhaps find some new favorites!

For this crew review we received the Music Together Family Favorites CD and Songbook combo (item K0277 $39.95). The CD includes 19 children's songs in a cute green and black case with an attached mini booklet briefly describing each song and suggestions for family activities to do together. Song titles include "Ridin' in the Car", "Hello Song", "She Sells Sea Shells", and "I've Been Working on the Railroad"; a combination of new songs and classics we grew up with. (Click here to preview the songs included on this CD or to purchase individual downloads.) And the Songbook is 112 pages of more detailed song descriptions and history, lyrics and music and numerous activities broken down into ages and special needs adaptations. 

This review was for Balsam Fir, my active 7-year-old 2nd grader. If you've read around Our Side of the Mountain for a while or are a family member or friend then you know my Sapling has a neurological condition called Sensory Processing Disorder. (You can read more about SPD and Balsam Fir's journey here.) Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to find inside Music Together's Songbook suggestions and adaptations for children who have sensory challenges. Whoop! It's the first time ever that I have seen a program have this and I was most excited!

So, how did we use this? Well, we don't listen to a lot of music outside of the van. ::wink:: It was only natural that I should slide the CD into the van's CD player for us to enjoy on our way to and from somewhere. And we're always going somewhere! Wonderful children's songs filled the van for several weeks as we dropped the older Saplings off at soccer and scouts and friends and did errands. I quite enjoyed hearing them!

Unfortunately, Balsam Fir's response to the music was "What's this?" Although he was in the age range for this CD he felt that the music was for "babies" and I have to agree. I felt that it was more appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers than a 2nd grader and would highly recommended it for those ages (or for us Moms who like to remember our kiddos when they were younger ::grin::)! It would also be great for young kids at homeschool co-ops and day cares, especially combined with movement activities and props from the accompanying Songbook. 

Now, the songbook is really a great resource to go along with the CD! It really helps with making fun, creative connections to the songs through movement activities such as dancing and stomping, playing instruments to learn rhythms, and singing. Each song section had adaptations for children with special needs that included speech, social, sensory, and physical. Balsam Fir was all for silly dancing in his booster seat or singing along in different voices, but no encouragement would make him play instruments along with the music. (He has auditory defensiveness and doesn't like loud, unexpected sounds...even if HE'S making them.) Many of the activities, like a congo line, would be perfect for a group setting.

Head over to Music Together or the Crew Reviews and see what YOU think!

Disclaimer: Our Side of the Mountain received this product free in exchange for our honest use and review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. Please visit the product website here for additional information or current prices. And as always, head over to the TOS Crew to read more reviews here.

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