Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Peak At Our Week: Session 4 Week 7 - We Spotted Spring

In My Life This Week
The EGG FACTORY is open! The fridge is spillin' over with our hens' gifts. Anyone have a special recipe using eggs? We're in need of something new! Or maybe you're local and wanted stop by for a dozen...

YARD WORK! With most, but not all the snow, melted, I stopped by Lowe's and picked up rakes and we got to work, taking turns raking and loading up the trailer with bulk trash. 

Things I Worked On (Sometimes With the Saplings)
☀ Decluttering the Diningroom/Schoolroom Bureau ☀ Catching up on Portfolios and Preparing for Our Final Session ☀ Creating a New Fire Pit by Reusing a Metal Wheel Barrel 

On the Dinner Menu
☀ Crockpot Jambalaya with Long Grain Rice ☀ Bagels with Cream Cheese and Fruit ☀ Pizza ☀ Cheeseburgers with Potato and Egg Salad and Carrots ☀ Chicken and Veggie Soup with Homemade Bread ☀ Chicken Enchiladas with Long Grain Rice 

Homeschool Happenings
With the weather warmer, most of our school year completed and our recent family upheavals, I've been taking a RELAXED approach to homeschooling. Our focus just isn't there. Although we do get some stuff done, right now it's more about family connections, healing hearts and soaking up Vitamin D

I did rescue a Spotted Salamander from the chicken and duck run one wet morning. They're on the move! Spotted Salamanders move towards vernal pools or ponds in early spring to breed and lay eggs. This one was only a few feet from our brook. Before we returned it to the woods we did some research and observations. Being nocturnal, it wasn't too lively. :wink: And we didn't touch it as it can give off a noxious substance when threatened.

White Pine
Algebra Tests 21-24, Bio Chap 27: Flat- and Roundworms, Bio: Chap 28: Anthropods, Intro to Physics: Bumper Cars, Intro to Computer Science 101, "National Geographic: North Korea", "Gettysburg"

Sugar Maple
Spectrum Reading pp 145-8, Saxon 65 Lessons 118-120, Sci Notebook: Uranus, Genghis and Kublai Khan and the Mongols, Marco Polo

Balsam Fir
Writer's Notebook, Math-U-See Lesson 5, Life Cycle of Frogs, Insects vs. Spiders, Genghis and Kublai Khan and the Mongols, Marco Polo

What We Read
Have you read Debbie Macomber? My friend from 3 Crazy Monkey's mentioned her on Facebook. It took 6 months (or so), but I FINALLY remembered to see if the library had her books. I'm on my 3rd one in 3 weeks. :wink: I REALLY enjoyed Between Friends and Susannah's Garden, but The Shop on Blossom Street is reading like a winner too.

White Pine was trying to "trudge through" Evanhoe, but it wasn't working so he's deciding on something else.  Sugar Maple is reading her way through the Bobbsey Twins. And Balsam Fir is reading aloud a bunch of I Can Read it All By Myself Dr. Suess books. I'm stepping back a little on his reading since it's been a struggle recently. I truly want him to ENJOY READING.

Places We Went, People We Saw
 ☀ Pinewood State Derby (BF) ☀ D__ (WP) ☀ Scouts (All) ☀ Gardening Class (WP) ☀ Library (WP/BF) ☀ Band Concert (SM) 

Our Favorite Thing
We couldn't help but watch this video over and over. HILARIOUS!

Something to Share

Thanks for stopping in! As always, linking up to these WONDERFUL blogs. 

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  1. We could use a new egg recipe as well. Just last night I hard boiled a couple dozen & made deviled eggs & egg salad. A person can only eat so many scrambled & fried eggs. Hope you find a new recipe!

  2. I'll have to come back later to see all your pictures. For some reason the images are broken links. You're keeping busy and with the kids a load of work can be made so much easier. :) Our fridge is running over with hens' gifts as well. Four of the kids have been away so there wasn't really anyone to eat them. :)

    1. Yeah, it looks like the place I store my photos is being a bit glitch-y this morning. Hopefully it'll clear up soon.


    Wouldn't you know, they posted about too many eggs today. :)

    1. I'm sending a bunch of DUCK EGGS with my parents for my Mom's friend on Saturday. That should help the egg overload! LOL

  4. Isn't is amazing what we homeschoolers can fit in in a week! Looks like a great time was had by all! Enjoy the weekend...Found you at Mary's Collage Friday!

  5. We have had trouble focusing on school this week, too, with the wonderful weather. Looks like you had a great, productive week to me!

  6. Oh my gosh that rooster is hysterical. Thanks for sharing it and this post at HammockTracks. I have one egg recipe you may not have tried. How about an egg custard pie? My husband adores this recipe so I usually double it and make two pies. Here is the link:

  7. It's a good thing you are being more relaxed, because I think your busy week may be too tiring to read ;-)

    Have a more restful weekend!

  8. Ooh that salamander looks so exotic to me! Good for you focusing on vitamin D - gotta make the most of the sun when it shines! Thanks for sharing your week, I enjoyed reading about it.
    Lucinda (visiting via Hammock Tracks)

  9. Our chickens are doing pretty good in the egg dept lately too! Luckily we've had some demand for the eggs so we've been selling them. That laughing rooster is hilarious!

  10. Thank you for stopping by my place via the blog hop. My son looked enviously at your chickens. He checked out three books about owning chickens, only to find that we needed an acre to have them on our property. He's so disappointed! Saying a prayer right now that things settle down for you all. Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. The salamander is such an exotic creature! We don't see those here in England. Very cool. Thank you for sharing your week. It looks like a very productive one, despite the distractions. Have a good weekend!

  12. Bread pudding is a great way to use lots of eggs--and it's just as healthful as French toast, so we always served it as lunch, not dessert! I wish you lived next door, because I would LOVE to have a source of farm fresh eggs.

  13. I like the rooster. I put a recipe for No Bakes without peanut butter as a response to you comment on my blog.

    Toll House cookies are a standard in our house. Its one of the first thing I remember cooking on my own.

  14. Quiche is a favorite here with extra eggs.

  15. What a great week. I think your focus on family connections and soaking up vitamin D is right where it should be. Good for you.
    Blessings, Dawn

  16. We eat a lot of breakfast around use up all those yummy eggs:) We like quiche for dinner or breakfast, a great way to use eggs. Plus M. bakes a lot, so she uses quite a bit too:)

    Love that rooster clip! We have a rooster with a quirky crow, but nothing like that poor guy. We were cracking up at him!

  17. What an awesome discovery? The salamander I mean! Thanks for linking up at Friendship Friday!

  18. The rooster is so funny!

    I love what you said "it's more about family connections, healing hearts and soaking up Vitamin D." another great joy of homeschooling.

    You week of food made me hungry!!!

  19. Dare I recommend to not give up on "Evanhoe"? The first part of the book does require a bit of perseverence, but once Scott has set up the background for the story it gets a lot more exciting and interesting. Listening to it on audio may make it easier. Both my non-reader son and I really enjoyed the book.

  20. Hi! Thanks so much for linking up with us at the Hip Homeschool Hop! I enjoyed your blog very much! My sis keeps chickens, and it's wonderful to get fresh eggs from her! We love using them to make egg salad sandwiches. Yum!

    We live in the South, so we don't get any snow most winters. It's already getting to be pretty hot weather. We started setting out our tomato plants and started our herb garden a few weeks ago. I can't imagine needing a jacket on in April to get out and do yard work! ;) You wouldn't want to be here in July and August, though. We make up for our mild winters with blazing hot summers!

    Loved the laughing rooster clip too!


  21. It has been a while since I have caught up with you (your blog!). I love reading about your weeks. If I was closer, I would beg some eggs! I don't have any fantastic ideas, but my first thought was lots of breakfast casseroles. Taking the more relaxed approach sounds like a good plan.


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