Friday, March 30, 2012

There's a Whole Lot of Quacking Going On!: March 24 - 30

In My Life This Week
Quack! Welcome to our flock, Olive and Opal!


Cookin' in the Kitchen
It's amazing how the eggs are adding up around here! Our hens have gone into FULL EGG PRODUCTION MODE now that the days are longer. So, when I found these Mini Bisquick Quiches at Care's Kitchen on Pinterest, well, I had to make them! With help of course! LOL Quick, simple, delicious! And they can be frozen and microwaved later!

Lil' Quiches with Add-ins: Broccoli, Spinach, Turkey Bacon,
Ham, Green Pepper, and Different Shredded Cheeses

Homeschool Happenings
We learned about interrogative pronouns and plural words ending with Y, the definitions of "modus operandi" and "modus vivendi", wrote poetry about springtime and letters to Nannie, discovered the difference between common and proper nouns and used who, whom and which, and read a_e, ai and ay words.

We learned about the epidermis and dermis, follicles and melanin, nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide ("acid rain") and photochemical smog (i.e. that brown haze over Los Angeles), assembled and tried out our new microscope, looking at onion and pine needle prepared slides, and made edible Candied Seaweed with fruit juice and Agar (that didn't set), about sun energy in the atmosphere and all those different kinds of clouds, and about the 206 bones on our bodies.

We learned about lines, line segments, rays, endpoints, perpendicular lines, and intercepting lines, puzzled over cryptogram puzzles, Rummikub and multiple step word problems, counted coins and solved double digit addition facts, created original Lego designs on Lego Digital Designer and explored the properties of magnets with Magentix, and about isoceles, equilateral, scalene, right, acute, and obtuse triangles.

Sugar Maple with her Animal Boat Lego

We learned about France joining up with the United States during the Revolutionary War, about Molly Corbin who helped defend Fort Washington from Hessians in 1776 and received the first FEMALE military pension from the congress for military service, about Ben Franklin charting the gulf stream during his boat voyages to Europe and Thomas Paine and Common Sense, about George Washington's capture of Valley Forge and that Hessian's were German soldiers, and about Benedict Arnold.

We "chased" chickens and collected eggs, exclaimed over flower shoots popping up and the Spring Peepers waking up from their winter sleep, measured grass growth with rulers and raked up pine cones, wrote and drew in nature journals and helped our neighbor saw down small trees, constructed a temporary duck run and ordered our garden seeds and plants, and wandered through the woods in search of more deer prints in the mud.

A Very Clear Deer Print by the Lake at the
State Park

We washed and folded laundry and washed and put away dishes, swept floors and vacuumed rugs, repaired a kitchen drawer and fixed the front door knob with an electric screwdriver, worked on POSITIVE, RESPECTFUL attitudes, rode scooters and read books in the hammock, enjoyed Movie-and-Pizza Night, shopped for groceries on a budget and had pancakes and pizza (not in the same meal) on the picnic table outside, created birthday invites for Sugar Maple and White Pine babysat for the FIRST TIME, repaired the back screen door and painted a trellis (for grapes vines), and learned that early bedtimes are MUCH BETTER than late ones when MOM wakes you up EARLY. ((wink))

We had a FULL week of learning, don't you think?

Helpful Homeschool Hint
Have you been over to Family Fresh Cooking? Project Lunch Box is underway! Project Lunch Box is a challenge in April to create 30 days of healthier lunch box meals for kiddos and adults alike. Have you seen my Bentos? Anyway, she created a FREE PDF of 30 days of SUGGESTIONS to download! Salads, sandwiches, sides - oh, my! (Yeah, I couldn't resist! I apologize! LOL) I'm sure that I won't complete the challenge as I only make Bentos when we're out-and-about during lunch times, but it'll come in handy to have some yummy, new recipes to fill them with. Favorite FREE resource this week!

Extra! Extra!
❀ Maple Sugaring at the Farm ❀ White Pine Hung Out With C_ ❀ Sugar Maple and Balsam Fir Played With the Boys From Next Door ❀ Girl Scouts ❀ Cub Scouts ❀ Boy Scouts ❀ Clarinet/Band ❀ Poultry Raising Seminar ❀

One of Our Favorite Things
Our early spring weather! We had a week of sunny 70s and a week of sunny 40s and windy 30s with a couple of days of light rain and an inch of snow one night inbetween. I guess this seems QUITE extreme (i.e. having sun, wind, rain, AND snow in one week), but it's not SO BAD this time of year in Maine! LOL 70s OR 30s, we're enjoying our outside time! How's the weather in "your neck of the woods"?

A Photo, Video, Link, or Quote to Share
I found this video over at Our Country Chroncles and had to share with you. It IS a bit long and the sound is a little out-of-sync at times but very inspirational and heard-warming so if you have the time...Whether it's a HUMAN Mom or a HEN, the instinct to protect our "kiddos" is the same! 

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  1. I always LOVE reading about your week! :D Adorable pics .. and the quiches look so yummy! So much learning underway ... I love when people give me those "You homeschool?" like we sit home all day and eat bonbons LOL .... with our feet up lol !!!!!! and I just look with amazement and say "At least WE can eat bonbons and STILL LEARN LOL hahaha"

  2. Love your daughter's LEGO creation, and Liberty's Kids is such a good series!
    Thanks for linking up with Favorite Resources with the lunch ideas...I need to go check that out.

  3. Your ducks just make me LAUGH! They're too cute!


  4. Love the ducks!!! and the quiches look yummy!! Those lunch ideas could come in handy because I always find myself in a rut... Heading over to check them out! Thanks!

  5. Love the post title:) Major learning went on in your house and all sounds like a lot of fun. I especially like your science topics and books. I always look forward to your weekly recaps. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Wow! Your week was amazing! Great post. I can hardly wait to get in a steady flow with our home school. We started mid-year as our 6 year old was in public school for about 5 months before we figured we'd do a better hob. You're doing a phenomenal job!! Awesome

  7. I don't know if my family would actually eat the quiches, but they look yummy. Love the LEGO boat! Looks like a busy/good week!

  8. What a busy and fun week! Thanks for the tip I'll head over and have a look :) have a good weekend!

  9. Olive and Opal are so cute. I would love to have ducks!

    Wow! Tons of learning going on. Lots of Math goodies too. I love Sugar Maple's Lego creation. I think your Quiche looks so good. We love Quiche around here. I made one last week. Never tried Mini Quiche though.

    I also grabbed the Lunch Box resource. Thanks for that.

    Re. Your comment on my blog if I ever have to 'prompt or encourage' her. Ummm...some days I drag her kicking and screaming to do her 'work'. Funny how deceiving pictures can be huh? ;) Thanks for the kind words.

  10. love the ducks! thanks for linking up with Kids in the kitchen - and I love hearing about your homeschool week - and for what it's worth- that's an awesome deer print ;) I'll have to show the boys!

  11. School is slow go here now that Field trip season is in full swing. Cute ducks! I really wish I was not in an apartment complex and found a man who is into ducks, small homesteading etc. That is my dream. Can't do it on my own though. I am just excited to have kept my house plants alive since January! Oh and my tulip bulbs I planted in the fall are about ready to bud! I am pretty excited about that! Didn't kill my roses from last year or my mums... and my beta fish is still swimming... thats about as far as I get though. lol

  12. Thanks for linking up with Try a New Recipe Tuesday! And I just LOVE the deer print! How cool is that?! :-)

  13. Another GREAT week! I am way beyond impressed with all the nature study you do in addition to the wealth of learning about the natural world available on a farm. I love that photo of the deer print.

  14. i love quiche! thank you for linking up!

  15. We read "Dem Bones" recently kids loved that one!

  16. I just love the Let's Read and Find Out Science books. They're great! Thanks for linking up!

  17. Sounds like you have a mini farm. We raised our kids that way too.

  18. Wow! You guys are busy! Thanks for sharing with BTT!

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