Friday, March 23, 2012

Soaking Up the Rays : March 17 - 23

In My Life This Week
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Homeschool Happenings
We've had some SUPER-DUPER warm and sunny weather this week and we needed to soak up some of that Vitamin D! So, we walked and raked and relaxed. And school got pushed aside a bit. (I'm not sure if this was a good thing or not considering we were working on positive, productive school behavior LAST week...) We explored the snowmobile and ATV trails across from the beginning of our road and found a "challenge" that we'll continue to "conquer", but we also meandered on trails in 2 different state parks. We had to break-in our brand-new hiking boots! ((grin))

Yes! We ALL Got the Same Kind, But in
Different Sizes
Osprey Sanctuary
Aren't They a Hoot? They Were Preventing to be TIRED! LOL
Lines the the Shore Rocks
Lines in Tree Bark

White Pine attended the Governor's Luncheon with a group of Boy Scouts in our state's capital on Tuesday. What a great experience for him!

Sugar Maple and Balsam Fir continue to work on their human body studies. This week we focused on the nervous system and the brain, including the senses.

Extra! Extra!
❀ Cub Scouts ❀ Clarinet/Band ❀ Governor's Luncheon ❀ Boy Scouts ❀ Girl Scout Cookie Booth ❀ State Parks ❀ Running With the Next Door Boys ❀ White Pine Visit C_ ❀ Library ❀


Helpful Homeschool Hint
National Parks! State Parks! Town Parks! Our favorite resource! Most of these outdoor "playgrounds" are inexpensive or free, offer groomed trails for walking (even with younger kidlets), picnic tables and play structures, historical and environmental points-of-interest, and (if your fortunate this time of year) swimming and water recreation. Don't pass them up! Pack up a lunch and head out for the day! And if you MUST do some school work, bring it with you!

A View at the State Park - What Could Be Better While
Doing School?

May 11, 2012. It's a BIG date! With some hard work (and no major illnesses), this is the date that we should wrap-up our 8th year of homeschooling. What do YOU do to celebrate the end of another year?

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This was floating around Facebook last week and gave me a chuckle. LOL

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  1. You always seem to have lovely, beautiful outdoor adventures! The State Parks is a good tip.

  2. love this, andyes thanks for the tip. the weather should be good enough for some hikes here soon, lots to discover in our new town!love your pics, happy weekend to y'all! :)

  3. Hahahahaha, so that's what happens to the cleaning fairy!! Darn it. I bet mine drowned in the laundry basket!

    Woohoo, new hiking boots, a day at the park, and scouting dinner... sounds like a fantastic week!! I think we will be celebrating school end by the cross country adventure to Alaska. We usually let the kids throw away the consumable books when they are done (we make a big deal about it) and then we take ourselves to a nearby park for a picnic with friends. I love your views and pictures!!!

  4. I'm with Tettelestal. :) My fairy must be in the laundry basket. :) Great pictures and looks like a great week!! Thanks for stopping by my place this week! :) Have a great weekend!

  5. thanks for visiting my blog

    LOL I like that quote

    The Magic School Bus is cool :)

    sounds like a neat trip

  6. This is only our first full school year of homeschooling and I'm not sure how we're going to finish up. Especially since my husband's been sick. I am thinking we may school year round and not end a school year like that.

  7. The cleaning fairy bit made me chuckle too :)
    You're right, parks are an excellent resource! I need to be better about taking advantage of them...since we live in a rural area, we can step out our door to find lots of nature and places to walk, but the state parks do offer different opportunities.
    We don't really stop what we're doing for an end of "school"...I keep track of our learning activities every day all year long! I do have to keep an attendance record, though (so silly!), and we'll be done with that probably about the same time you are.
    Thanks for linking up at Favorite Resources :)

  8. I am totally digging the blue hiking boots!!

  9. We love park hopping,even if its for just a short time. We Love the Magic School Bus(nice hats)! Thank you for sharing.

  10. Love your pictures of lines. Eight years is a long time--congrats on that milestone.

  11. RIP cleaning Fairy. Now I know why I have dust dinosaurs living in my house !!!

    Thanks for the smiles :o)


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