Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: Again? Days 101-105

Again? Not again! Yup, again. ((sighs)) MORE SNOW! Now, I know we're living in Maine, but even we need breaks from MOUNTAINS of snowfall! "Cabin Fever" is starting to set in, so it was an up-and-down kind of week with many activities being canceled. Again.
Snow Covered Evergreens
Cati and I had a BLAST with her Brownie troop and Brownie Moms, "camping out" in an old farmhouse in the Girl Scout camp over the weekend. (I should have brought my camera, but I was anticipating not having a very, um, comfortable time...and we're campers; WARM WEATHER campers.) We went night snow shoeing and sledding and made tin foil and Ivory soap sculptures and (of course) ate S'mores made in the fireplace. The girls created fun plays with their look-alike sock puppets and danced to someone's iPhone. And that night, we slept snug and warm on strangely comfortable bunk beds.

While C and I were enjoying "girl time", J was at the Boy Scout Klondike Derby. This derby has the troop pulling a dog sled laden with supplies (that the boys bring) around a course to complete various tasks like building fires, first aide and orienteering. S spent the morning at Basketball Skills and Drills and special one-on-one time with Daddy.

The sun shone clear and bright on Monday. We completed our daily assignments before lunchtime. The kids spent the afternoon reading, building icicle sculptures, making "solar powered" Lego airplanes, and playing Guess Who Extra.
S Licking his Icicle Sculpture

C Practicing her Oral Reading to S
S and C With Their "Solar Powered" Lego Airplanes
 And then the snow came. I opted to switch our daily schedule up entirely on Tuesday so we could get to the city library to return DUE videos before the inches piled high. We headed off early for a doctor's appointment and then to the library, stocking up on new books and videos to get us through the rest of a snow-filled-to-the-brim week. By the time we were coming out of the city the roads were slick. I made a "quick" stop to the grocery store for lunch salads and milk - What chaos! I guess lots of people needed to stock up to stay home! - and then we headed to S's OT - he REALLY REALLY needed some Ms. E. time! - and slowly, but safely made our way home...and intended to stay there! For a while. We worked on our Winter Wednesday Daily Weather Logs, but never did get to any other assignments that afternoon or evening.
J and S Snuggled up on the Sofa
 We were snowed in on Wednesday and, even after digging out of another 10" or so of snow, we didn't venture out far on Thursday. Sometimes staying home together isn't such a bad thing, even with "Cabin Fever". J and I slept in late both mornings, but we still settled in for 2 busy, full days of schoolwork. C and S got to their PJ Storytime and Crafts at the library, listening to Chinese New Year books and making animals with tangrams. And I got some laundry done. Don't forget to check out our Nature Study: Winter Weather here!
C's "Phil" Didn't See His Shadow
 Our weather cleared up late Thursday morning and Friday, bringing bright, sunny skies and temperatures near the freezing point. Perfect weather for SHOVELING! J had basketball practice in the afternoon. 
J's DK History of World Timeline Chapter 15
What we accomplished this week:
J (6th grade):
  • Wordly Wise 3000 Lesson 17
  • Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra Lessons 69-71
  • DK History of the World with Timeline Chapter 15 (1750-1800)
  • Apologia General Science Module 8
  • Edited and Printed January's Pond Press Newsletter
  • Teacher's Cafe Verb Tenses
  • Read March to the Stars and We Few by John Ringo and David Weber
  • Artist Study: Georgia O'Keeffe
C (3rd grade):
  • Saxon Math 54 Lessons 59-60, Supplemental Practice 58 and Test (100%)
  • Handwriting Without Tears Numbers
  • Daily Grams Days 5-8
  • All About Spelling Step 6 Closed and Open Syllables
  • History Pockets: Native Americans - Sioux
  • Super Teacher Worksheets: Action, Being and Linking Verbs
  • Teacher's Cafe Verbs
  • Read Robin Hood
  • Artist Study: Georgia O'Keeffe
S (K):
  • Horizons Math K Lessons 84-87
  • 100s Grid: 1-25
  • Days of the Week
  • Handwriting Without Tears: K, V, U
  • Kumon Mazes
  • Hooked on Phonics: Learn to Read pp 28-35
  • US State and Capital Sticker Book: Midwest and Pacific States
  • Tangram Puzzles
  • Skip Counting 5s  
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  1. Wow, that's a lot of snow!!! Hope y'all get thawed out a bit soon!

  2. Well I don't think I can complain about the snow we have gotten recently, that is nothing compaired to you guys!!! (I love your licking the icicle picture :) Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I hope your snow melts into some beautiful spring like weather soon!

  3. Nice one to see the pictures of your kids, I am following you now, hope you could follow me back. It's

    Thank you, have a great weekend

  4. I'm glad to see "Phil" didn't see his shadow, but I'm not sure his prediction was correct for you all! It's been quite a winter there, huh? Our friends in Freeport were complaining...

  5. I have to say I agree with you. I'm about done with snow for this year and we still have at least two if not three more months of potential snow making time. I'll be so happy to see spring arrive! ;-) I love your sweet kitty. I used to have one just like it a few years ago. I do miss having a cat.

  6. You're a brave Mom to camp in this weather! Sounds like you got a lot done despite Cabin Fever.
    Janet W


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