Sunday, February 20, 2011

C's Crafty Corner - Fleece Boa Scarves

On Saturday, C attended a FREE scarf-making class at the library. She was VERY excited about taking this class and was the first one there!

She joined our new librarian in the reference room and picked out her fleece colors - purple and white - and the librarian cut the fleece into 5' x 6" strips. (There are 2 purple and 2 white strips.) The stripes were lined up, alternating colors, and then C headed to the study room to join the librarian's Mom. 

She taught C how to use a sewing machine! (Although we've had our own sewing machine for years, we've never used it.) A zigzag stitch was sewn down the length of the alternating fleece stripes in the middle.
C TOTALLY Concentrating on Straight Sewing
Once the strips were sewn together, she headed back to the reference room and cut 1" wide fringes on both sides of the zigzag stitch, taking care to only cut until 1/2" from the stitching. (Cutting too far would make the scarf fall apart easily.)
C Cutting 1" Wide Fringe

A Close-up of the Fringes
 And voila! a fleece boa scarf! Over time the fringe will curl making the scarf look fuller and more boa-like. She LOVES it!
C With her Finished Scarf
She's inspired to do more sewing projects now, making more scarves for her friends. She uncovered our sewing machine and brought it in from the storage room and is (im)patiently waiting for me to buy her some fleece. 

Special thanks to our WONDERFUL new librarian for offering this GREAT class!


  1. I like it! What a great opportunity!

  2. wow, really cute and sound easy for those of us who don't like to sew!

  3. Great idea! I think I may borrow it :)

  4. oooh, I am saving this for gift ideas. My 7 year old can't spend 2 days apart from the machine. It is amazing what she creates. I am so glad your daughter is finding joy in it, it is a life skill!

  5. Wow, the scarf looks wonderful!

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  7. The scarf looks wonderful. I am sure that my daughter would like to make one.

  8. Very cute and looks easy!

    FYI - another Lego Linky party is in motion


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