Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter Wednesday and Science Sunday: Cattails, Confiers, Colors, and Crystals...Rain?

Cattails! Crystals! Conifers! Colors! Crunching! on the ice-covered snow through the evergreens and deciduous trees. Our challenges for this week: observing cattails in the winter, noting the changes in the trees since Autumn, finding color among the white, grays, browns, and blacks, and learning about snow! So, come with us for a QUICK Winter Wonderland Walk as the freezing rain fell!
C and S Rolling a Snowball While Waiting to Go on Walk

Yellow Birch Leaves

A Birch Tree Tinted Red-Orange  

S Playing in a Mound of Snow
Red-Orange Leaves
Alder Catkins
J and his Favorite Hat
Tree Covered with Light Green Lichen
Woodpecker Holes
A Few Cattails
Pine Needles
Newly Snapped Tree
Black-capped Chickadee
New Bird Feeder A and S Made
Back inside - warm and dry - the kids continued to work on their My Running List of Birds from our previous nature studies and created notebook pages from our walk. Now, their notebooking pages didn't QUITE stick to the challenges of this walk, but being our first pages I thought they did a pretty good job just the same.
J's My Running List of Birds

J's Notebook Page
C's Notebook Page
S's Notebook Page
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  1. I really enjoyed seeing all your winter subjects and the notebook pages are perfect. Great job getting outdoors in the snow and spending time looking at your yard more closely.

    I appreciate your link in the OHC.

  2. Thanks for coming by, Barb! "See you" next week!

  3. Great nature study pictures! We went out on a nature hike a couple of weeks ago, and it was truly beautiful. This is the first year my kids have done nature journals, and we're loving it!

  4. Enjoyed your nature photos, especially the fluffy little chickadee. And that hat looks nice and toasty!

    I have to admit, we've been neglecting our nature studies since the weather got cold. Good for you, getting out there and observing nature in the winter!

  5. Great job doing nature MAINE! ;-) Not always the easiest thing to do. We did the cattail study last year and I DROVE to see some and we all sat in the truck - nice and warm. Probably defeated the purpose just a bit. ;-)

  6. I wanna go for winter walks with you! And I want a hat like J's. 8-)

  7. We've had quite a bit of snow and we went on a winter walk not too long ago.

    I am blog hopping today and decided to stop by and visit your blog!!

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    Have a Happy Thursday!! :0)

  8. Very excellent way, to slow down, and take in the sights of winter!

  9. I love the notebook pages you used. Very cool idea.

    And the pictures were excellent.

  10. I love the notebooking/journaling pages!


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