Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekly Wrap: Days 92-96

And it's a win! J's basketball team won their first game of the season: 27-25. Their win-loss record: 1-1.
J Defending the Basket
S had his 2nd Basketball Skills and Drills on Saturday. He sat out the last 10 minutes or so, frustrated that he wasn't making more baskets. His dribbling and passing is already improving as he didn't have to chase down as many "loose balls". But! the biggest accomplishment is that he's able to focus and follow instructions even with all the noise and movement bombarding his sensory system...and if you've been to our new Rec Center gym, well, you know, it's CRAZY noisy in there! (Go, Occupational Therapy!)
S Making a Shot
Boing! Bump! While J and A were at the Museum of Science in Boston, MA with the Boy Scouts on Sunday, C, S and I went to the Bounce Zone. Have you seen those inflated "jumpers"? Well, the Bounce Zone takes it up a notch and adds in ball pits, jousting arenas, mazes, and side-by-side racing slides. Crash! Bounce! A perfect place for a kid with sensory-seeking SPD! S LOVED it! And C had a blast too!
C Down the Slide
S Down the Slide
C Exhausted!
On a beautiful, sunny, but CHILLY Monday, we completed a full day of assignments. With J doing more and more of his work on the computer, I decided to was time to ditch the "hen peck" typing and learn keyboard skills. He started doing lessons at Dance Mat Typing. I already have SpongeBob SquarePants Typing - I know, I know! Spongebob?! But, it just might keep him interested in improving his typing with video games - and Jump Start Typing for additional practice.

The fine, dry snow turned to slippery freezing rain on Tuesday afternoon so S's OT, C's basketball practice and J's Boy Scout meeting were all canceled. Another day at home! C finished up Lesson 7: Rodentia and the Rest in Apologia Zoology III by Mapping It! Our world map is getting QUITE populated with animals from her studies! Her notebooking pages were a mixture of short summaries, pictures and drawings for this lesson.
Mapping It! Thumbnails of Where Animals Studied Live
Flying Squirrel, Beaver and Squirrel
Hedgehog, Shrew and  Hare
Colugo, Platypus and Echidna
Sloth, Anteater and Armadillo
Fortunately it was warmer in Wednesday and we were able to finish up our daily assignments and head outside for a Winter Wednesday walk. Click here to check out our Winter Wednesday nature walk photos and notebook pages! 

C and S continue to work on their unit studies. C completed 3-out-of-8 North American tribes in her History Pockets: Native Americans study. She'll be studying the Maidu next. And S finished up his Winter lapbook! He'll be taking some time off from lapbooking to do some Lakeshore File Folder Science Games and his US Geography Sticker Book. You can see their unit study accomplishments here!

S has been diligently working on his Hooked on Phonics: Learn to Read short A words and readers. Next week, he starts short i! 

S's Short A Copywork
Due to continuing slippery weather, J's Not Math Math was canceled on Thursday, but the kid's friends came over after class for an afternoon of imaginative play, Snap Circuits Electronics, Marble Run, making home videos, Arts and Crafts, building with cardboard boxes, playing in the snow, and video games.
S Making a Closed Circuit for the Speaker
S's Adjusting the Light Bulb so it'll Work
And activity cancellations continued on Friday with yet ANOTHER snowstorm this week. A WHOLE school week with NO activities?! Huh?! J woke up not feeling well anyway. We finished our week up with warm cinnamon muffins and movies.

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  1. I like the Apology Zoology also. We do them in the summer months. I love the way you put the animals on your map.

  2. Wonderful photos! Sorry you were stuck inside because of freezing weather. It does look like you got a lot accomplished. Hope it warms up soon for you.

    Can't be cancelling basketball practice, have to keep getting those wins. Congratulations to your son.

  3. I love the animal map and the animal notebook pages!

    I really need to take my kids to our local bouncy place--they are starting to get a bit of cabin fever!

    I don't know if you "do" blog awards, but I've really enjoyed reading yours, so I listed you for a Versatile Blogger award. If you're not into awards, just consider it a compliment!

  4. Looks like a great week! I am just about to buy Dance Mat Typing myself! :) Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. Looks like a good week. I just got a new computer so my old one will be moving to the school room. I really want my son to start working on his typing too. Your post reminded me that I bought Spongebob Typing a few years ago and never used it. Maybe I'll go look for it.

  6. Thanks, Monica! Mapping It! is a project that goes along with Apologia Zoology III...and it gets a little geography in there as well!

    Thanks, Linda! And yes, his team won again today! They're doing well!

    Thanks for stopping in Jamie and Homeschool Reviews!

    Sparklee! Versatile? Thanks a bunch! A GREAT surprise!

    Hi Melanie! We use the FREE Dance Mat Typing. Lots of fun for the beginner typist!

  7. Love the animal map!

    Looks like a fun week!

  8. Looks like your week was pretty fun! I hate being snowed in too. Enjoyed your post, stopping by from HHH!

  9. Looks like a full week! I am a new follower, finding you from the HHH today! Melissa


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