Friday, December 17, 2010

((bump)) One of THOSE ((thump)) Mornings ((crash))

((bump)) ((bump)) ((bump)) ((giggle)) S is sitting on a HUGE brown stuffed bear and riding it down the stairs. Again. It's DEFINITELY a sensory-seeking day! ((bump)) ((thump)) ((giggle))

I go and check out what he's doing. I'm a little anxious about him sliding down the stairs on a stuffed animal, but he's piled u
p a small mountain of other stuffed animals at the bottom to crash into.

But where are his clothes? He says he's hot. It's 63 degrees inside and colder upstairs.

It's been a challenging day for S, one that started out with a meltdown over breakfast. He wanted scrambled eggs and toast. And his brother and sister wouldn't make it for him. He did get his eggs and toast, but not as soon as he wanted. When S is hungry, he's H-U-N-G-R-Y!

And then it was time for school...

The grumbles started immediately. Focusing on his school work was too much when his energy was going into making his sensory system calm and his body feel good. And *I* should have realized this, but we plunged ahead anyway.

He worked through his Kumon maze with reluctance. And got his dot-to-dot car completed and colored. "What's a station wagon, Mom?" A sign of the times, huh? He turned it into a fire truck instead. And half of his Math until he got to addition. "I can't do this!" He can, but it requires more attention; attention he doesn't have to spare this morning. Meltdown!

HE sits himself in his wooden chair in the darkened, quiet kitchen corner by himself. ((bounce)) ((bounce)) ((bang)) ((bounce)) A few minutes later he crawls into the livingroom where I'm folding laundry. "I'm ready, Mom."

So, I try something else. Reading. We snuggle under covers on the sofa and read "A Very Hungry Caterpillar" and "Go Away, Big Green Monster!". He's calmer now
and ready to get his addition finished. He also did his Hooked on Phonics: Learn to Read Cat reader.

But, he's not g
oing to do his CVC words on the computer. It hurts his eyes. It hurts his head. I need another plan...Boggle Jr.!

THIS he settles down for. Using cubes and picture cards, he builds short A CVC words, flipping the flap covering the letters to see if he's correctly made the word. Building is his "thing" even if it's to learn to sound out words!

Phew! Schools over. And S (with C and the dog) hurry into coats, boots and mittens and head outside. They decide to go on an "adventure" and "hike" through the icy backyard, balancing on fallen trees, searching for "treasure". S comes in with rosy cheeks and a happy smile. He NEEDED that romp!

But he's not quite done. ((bump)) ((thump)) Another ride down the stairs. ((giggle)) Oh! I'm wrong! He just walked past me. With clothes on! He's climbing the counter, pulling out the 64 oz container of peanut butter and a box of Wheat Thins. (Yes, 64 oz! LOL) He's calm. And hungry. Again.

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