Friday, November 7, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up: Week 9 - As the Chill Settles In

Winter has some parts of Maine. The first snowstorm of the season was a whopper, closing down schools and over 100 000 homes  without power. (2 of my sisters and their families have been without power for 5 days now...) But, besides a couple of flurries and wind gusts, the storm passed us by. Phew! It may be November, but I am not ready for snow! The lawn mower is still out...

It's crockpot time! The weather has turned chilly, so we're craving soups and hearty comfort foods. What are your favorite slow cooker meals?

• Crockpot Chicken & Rice Soup with Cornbread • Egg Salad Sandwiches with Carrot Sticks & Applesauce • Cheese Pizza • Crockpot BBQ Shredded Chicken Sandwiches with Baked Fries & Applesauce • Cheeseburgers with Tator Tots & Corn •

Well, here we are - the beginning of our 2nd quarter! It was a rough start to the week - a dead battery in the van (and stuck at band practice for 2 hours waiting for AAA) and Daylight Savings Time. Changes in our routine, even as relaxed as it is, can throw us off. But we bounce back pretty quickly! How did your week go?

Mary from Homegrown Learners wrote about a website for free drawing lessons at Art for Kids Hub, so this week I was determined to get in some art. It seems like the first thing to go when we're pressed for time. But these visual lessons were quick and easy to implement!

We also started watching CNN Student News on-line. I've seen a number of you including it in your homeschooling and thought it was a great idea. (It's taken me months several weeks get started...) We don't have cable so our knowledge of current events is limited, but now all of us - me too! - can be better informed. And the best part? The kids seem to enjoy it!


  • Reviewed Progressive Forms & Linking Verbs, Edited an Essay, Wrote on Wattpad (Creative Writing), Wrote an Opinion Article for the Newspaper Editorials
  • Solved Variable & Evaluation, Multiple Unit Multipliers, Conversion of Units of Area, Rate & Adding & Subtracting Mixed Number Fraction Problems
  • Studied Weathering & Soil Formation Including Types of and Effects of Weathering, Soil Composition & Types, Land Conservation & Waste Disposal & Recycling
  • CNN Student News
  • Read about Ashurbanipal & the First Library, the Assyrians & Babylonians & Nebuchadnezzar & the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
  • Began Word Processing Lessons On Dance Mat Typing
  • Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies & Homemade Pretzels
  • Walked


  • Read Sara Teasdale Poetry, Wrote a Poem with Rhyme & Rhythm (Syllables), Created an On-line Magnetic Poem, Practiced Spelling Words & Reviewed Physical and Character Traits of Characters, Comprehension & Vocabulary
  • Solved Metric Unit of Length, Fractions, Dollar & Cents, Parallel & Perpendicular Lines, Right Angles & Missing Addend Problems
  • Studied Earthquakes Including Types of Earth's Crust Stress, Types of Faults & Measuring Earthquakes
  • CNN Student News
  • Read about Ashurbanipal & the First Library, the Assyrians & Babylonians & Nebuchadnezzar & the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
  • Biked

Lost in Translation (Mones) (Me) • Lily's Ghost (Drake Harris) (Me)  The Hobbit (Tolkien) (Cati) • The Story of Davy Crockett, Frontier Hero (Retan) (Sam) • Sea of Ice: The Wreck of the Endurance (Kulling) (Sam) • Submarines (Kramer) (Sam) • Henry and Ribsy (Cleary) (Van Read Aloud) 

• "Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - Gardens of Babylon Part 1" (You Tube) •

• Scouts' Church Clean-up (Jake & Sam) • Holiday Fair Fundraiser Band Concert (Cati) • Dinner & Games at the S__'s (All) • Jazz & Concert Band Practice (Cati) • Cub & Boy Scouts (Jake & Sam) • 


Happy Homeschooling!

As always, special thanks to these weekly link-ups:
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  1. I didn't hear that you guys had a snow storm. We did not, thank goodness. But we did have our first snowflakes today! You guys accomplished a lot this week. I keep telling myself that we will start listening to CNN news too, but we haven't yet! My favorite crock pot recipes are vegetarian Chilli and vegetarian "beef" stew!

    1. CNN Student News is quite interesting! I was surprised my youngest son would enjoy it - it's more for middle and high school students - but he asks to watch it. Each newscast is 10 minutes long. And we have yet to see anything violent.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun learning! I live over in Oregon, and in the valley we are just starting to get fall like blustery rainy weather, overall pretty mild, but for us still crockpot weather. :) I would love one year to see an East Coat Winter, my husband is from Chicago and his childhood midwest winter stories always sound interesting. :)

    1. It hasn't started here yet, April. Come February we will have snow up to the bottom of the first story windows...and wonder where we're going to plow anymore snow to get the vehicle into the driveway. LOL

  3. Yay for CNN student news. Amber loves it and the host is so entertaining. Yikes, snow already! I love snow but we aren't quite ready yet v

    1. Me either, Christy! I'm not ready to put away the outdoor furniture or firepit, but I have started preparing for the long winter. I hope the snow holds off until Christmas! LOL

  4. You always have the most full weeks. You seem so organized.

    1. Not as organized as I would like, Phyllis! LOL

  5. I glad the first major snow storm missed you. We love CNN student news. It is a part of every day. You sure had another full week.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. I'm glad too! But my poor family members on the island...Day 6 without power! A lot of trees came down, taking out power lines. It's been a long week for them!

  6. I have thought about adding the news in too but I was thinking it was for older ones. We may have to try it out to see. We loved that site that Mary shared about too. He drew Jack Skellington for his first post. Can't wait to see what else he does!

    1. CNN Student News if for middle school and up, but my 4th grader enjoys it just the same, and thus far it hasn't shown violent news...We've only used the Art for Kids Hub once, but the video lessons were super easy to follow along with.


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