Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Recycling and Reusing: A Whole Lot of Good

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Do you recycle? reuse? reduce? You know, the 3 Rs...of another sort. It's a WONDERFUL way us regular ol' folks to make a HUGE different in our future environment. I'm not talking RADICAL here, just those everyday little changes that add up to a whole lot of good. So, what can you do with your kids?

Read some books about recycling and why it's important

Libraries usually have loads of books to borrow on recycling. (Hey! Another way to reuse - borrowing books from the library! :grin:) Here's some suggestions:

Set out bins to make things easier and show the kids what goes where

Our Transfer Station has an area for recyclables such as plastics, glass and paper and another area for cardboard. Find out how your recycling center sorts things and set up bins accordingly. Teach kids how to clean and sort everyday packaging into those bins. 

Together write down a list of ways that you as a family can go "green"

Nothing empowers kids more than having a say in what their families do...and oftentimes they have the most creative ideas. But if you need some ideas, here's some of ours:

  • turn off lights and electronics anytime you leave a room
  • use and wash cloth napkins; ditch the paper towels and napkins
  • donate and/or buy clothing from Goodwill or Salvation Army
  • don't hold the fridge door open, deciding what you want
  • bake double batches of casseroles, breads and sweets for another day while the oven is hot
  • save and wash plastic or glass containers from products to use for other storage
  • combine as many errands as possible when out
  • bring a plastic grocery bag and pick up trash while you're playing at the park and place it in a trash bin
  • compost
  • take quick showers
  • dry wash on clotheslines outside
  • repurpose or reuse before buying

Thinking of doing earth friendly activities with the kids? Check out these FREE resources:


  1. Great ideas! Recycling is so important and I think it's wonderful when kids learn about it at a young age.

  2. Great suggestions! We recycle here too! Thanks for linking up!


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