Tuesday, June 4, 2013

As the Garden Grows: Growing...S-L-O-W-L-Y

Although we've had some super warm temperatures with here-and-there rain, our garden plants aren't growing as well as we'd like. Only half our pumpkins came up and our cucumbers, although abundant last year, are only few this year. But everything is planted, and, except for the just sowed tomatoes, everything is up.

We know that our soil could be missing nutrients, so (if I remember) we're going to pick up some Miracle Grow or another fertilizer the next time we're in town. Any other suggestions?

The little girls don't seem to be growing much either. LOL But their plumage is beautiful and they stick together like BFFs. In about 7 weeks they should be able to join the big girls in the big coop, but for now everyone free ranges together in scratching bliss. The "chicken nuggets" love time to roam, eating grass and bugs. Watching them learn to dust bathe is rather amusing.

The ducks are enjoying lots of time in the brook these days, finding plants and frogs to feast on. I've saved at least 2 large bullfrogs in the last 2 weeks. The ducks aren't happy to lose their meal, but I do my best to watch out for the croakers. They've become rather vocal early in the mornings, wanting out of the coop as the sun rises. Unfortunately that means no sleeping in for this Mama! :sigh: But I find them fun just the same.


  1. I had to go out and put a netting over our SFG because something seems to be eating the leaves right off the top of some of our new shoots. Aggravating! Although we have had tons of rain, we need some SUNSHINE and warmth or we are going to have lots of pretty green leaves and no fruit!!

  2. "Chicken nuggets" - I love it! They are so cute. I just love their feathers! Have you ever tried putting composted chicken manure in with your soil? We like to spread their decomposed manure out over our soil to add nitrogen. I've never used miracle gro or anything like that, but the first year we used the manure our tomato plants went crazy!

    1. I'll have some ready to go in the fall, but not for now. It's too "hot" still. But we'll work it in the weather over the winter.

  3. We lost some tomatoes this past week. My husband is not liking the upside down planters very much!


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