Friday, March 15, 2013

A Peak at Our Week: Session 4 Week 3 - With the Flow

In My Life This Week
A slow, go-with-the-flow week! I REALLY needed one. I'm finding that I'm exhausted at the end of most days because I'm trying to fit so much into every hour - homeschooling, general housework, scratch cooking, outside work, household repairs, errands, finances, pets, shoveling, and an entire household declutter - that I'm needing some DOWN TIME. So, this week was about staying home and relaxing more. SORT OF.

Homeschool High School
Have I mentioned how hard and focused White Pine works? Well, most days. ::wink:: He REALLY does seem way beyond his 14 years when it comes to meeting his ambitious school goals. His days are long, but he delves right in and never complains. 

Homeschool Elementary
Not much CORE WORK got accomplished this week. It doesn't mean that we "vegged" (although I'm thinking some "veggin'" isn't such a bad idea this weekend), but LIFE HAPPENS and you just FLOW WITH IT

On Tuesday our buddies A__ (14) and J__ (8) spent the day with us while their Mom was running ragged from one stressful appointment to another. There was a lot of video game playing and all over kid chaos, but since THEIR FAMILY is going through what MY FAMILY is going through, well, it's nice for us to connect.

Did you celebrate Pi Day on Thursday? I've never planned a special March 14th with the saplings so I figured WHY NOT. We read learned about Pi from a worksheet, watched History of Pi, listened to a catchy tune, made Pi circle models, and whipped up a minty "Lucky You" pie for Pi Day AND St. Patrick's Day.

And then we spent the Friday morning learning about St. Patrick. Not so much the holiday or Irish traditions but about St. Patrick himself. My favorite book for learning about St. Patrick is Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland by Tomie dePaola. (Love dePaola!) We watched videos on The History Channel.  And we made Irish Soda Bread for breakfast, but my saplings did not like it. ::sigh:: (It's a good thing we aren't Irish because they've liked NO Irish foods we've made.)

Today is also Sugar Maple's 11th birthday! She's getting way too close to those TEEN YEARS. ::sigh:: She wanted an ice cream cake with Neopalitan ice cream sandwiches, strawberry syrup and jelly beans to celebrate. I know. ::laugh::

As you can probably guess only Monday and Wednesday resembled anything like a typical school day BUT THAT'S OK. We've got 61 more school days to meet my goals!

Places We Went, People We Saw
♣ T__ Family ♣ Basketball (SM) ♣ Scouts (All) ♣ Educational Farm (BF) ♣ Lacrosse (WP)  Clarinet/Band (SM) ♣ Birthday Party with Friends (All) 

Something to Share
I saw this on Facebook and got a CHUCKLE out of it. How about you?

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  1. I hope you feel more rested after this week! Hope you feel caught up at least a bit more too!

  2. What a fun week! Love it love it!

  3. Hang in there. You are doing great. Just keep trucking and putting your faith in Him.

  4. I love your pi day activities. We celebrated it as well. It is wonderful that "White Pine" really works hard. That is rare for a 14-year old boy. LOL My boys do not have that character trait. : ) Love to hear about your weeks.

  5. I love the Pi day and St. Patrick's Day activities! I love celebrating fun days. I'm checking out the history channel video link right now!
    (My kids hated Irish Soda Bread, too!)

  6. Your Pi day activities were so clever! I love dePaola books, as well! We use them a lot here, too. They are just timeless and beautiful.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter! It looks like she had a wonderful day! :-)

    Even in your "relaxed" weeks, my friend, you seem to accomplish so much. You are truly an inspiration. I hope you get some very much needed rest and downtime.

    Have a great weekend. Many blessings, Lisa

  7. I enjoyed this week too as more of downtime week. Haven't had one in a really long time. Only had a few activities. Still stayed busy though. But it was nice to be home more.

  8. One of these years I'm gonna be prepared for Pi Day. You certainly were. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. Hope the lemons are turning slowly to lemonade.
    My latest post Blessings from Chaos

  9. Happy Birthday to Sugar Maple! Your Pi day sounds like fun. We celebrated Pi day for the first time too. I'll keep your activities in mind for next year. I hope you all have a relaxing weekend.

  10. I love that you two moms are helping one-another out.
    Ministering to other moms is so important.
    That said - I hope and pray whatever it is, if it is negative, ends soon and all is well.

    Love the joke, btw.
    Blessings to you and yours.

  11. Glad you had a good week in spite of the distractions. How next week goes well.


  12. There are too many fun days to celebrate this March that we I didn't get anything together for Pi day except for eating pie. Love the fun things you did for Pi day. That frog is pretty fun!

  13. Happy Birthday to your girlie!!! Cute photos :) I love the frog. Looks like we had about the same type of week here too.. Sigh... school will get done..eventually ;)

  14. Even with a relaxed week, you're awesome. This year I totally missed the boat on Pi Day and St. Patricks. I had good intentions, but it didn't happen.

  15. Sounds like a week with a lot of fun and learning, even under less than desirable circumstances. I am so glad that you have a friend to help you work through it. Love that you celebrated pi day! We did too:) We've been reading a lot about ST. Patrick and the history behind the we need to make some Irish soda bread. Yum!

  16. I love that you made the Irish soda bread in cast iron. I seem to only use our cast iron when camping. I should use it on more of a regular basis. I also have great Irish soda bread recipe that uses yogurt. Does yours? Hope you are well...

  17. I completely understand being tired at the end of the day because every hour of the day is packed with 4 different things that need your attention. I feel like my ears are going to bleed sometimes...everyone is demanding my attention and calling me at the same time. No down time is the biggest challenge of home schooling, to me. Thanks for linking up to HammockTracks and I hope you'll return this week.


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