Friday, December 14, 2012

Mt. Boom Erupts!

Have you ever build and "erupted" a volcano model with your kids? It's a blast! (Pun intended! ::wink::) To end our volcano unit study, we did just this activity!

With chicken wire and a plastic test tube, Sugar Maple and Balsam Fir created just the right volcano shape for our model, and then placed in on an unused Pizza Hut pizza box.

Stripe Decided the Box and Volcano Were HERS for Awhile

Now, they wanted something much, much bigger, but where would we store it?

Then they did the ooey, gooey part of adding strips of newspaper dipped in a flour, vinegar, glue, and water paste to cover the chicken wire. (While searching for wallpaper paste at Walmart, a man told me just to mix up that concoction and it would work just as well, and since I never did find wallpaper paste...) Being tactile sensitive, Balsam Fir wasn't too sure about this part, but eventually he got "gooey-fied" too. And our volcano started to LOOK like a mountain!

They had to wait 3 long, long days for it to completely dry before painting it and adding an "environment" of PASTA trees.

But before we could create some eruptions, White Pine decided to place Opal by the volcano and call her "Duckzilla". :sigh:: ::grin:: 

And finally, the eruptions!

Sugar Maple and Balsam Fir loved mixing together household chemicals to create a lava flow! It's a great introduction to our next science topic: chemistry! 


  1. oh how fun! :D :D
    Thanks for sharing! AND LOVE DUCKZILLA!

  2. I have never heard of the first concoction for volcanoes. It works much better I think. More sudsy?

    Anyway, it went well for both. (applause) Good job. Very camera shy kids...NOT.


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