Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday Coffee Chat: This or That

Time out for Mom

I'm joining Leslie this week for Tuesday Coffee Chat. Thankfully, her prompt is THIS OR THAT, I don't have to think too awfully hard. :: achoo :: :: cough :: My "thinker" wants to snuggle in warm covers and hope this cold passes. Click on over and read all about it!


Heels or Sneakers?

What would Crocs be? Sneakers! There is no way I'm going to torture my toes in heels. And if I do need to wear something fancier than my New Balances then I'll slip on some sandals.

Coke or Pepsi?

Neither. I don't care for soda. If I've got a headache that won't quit, I will sometimes grab a Coke to see if the caffeine will help (as I don't drink coffee either). And sometimes I'll sip a ginger ale.

Instagram or Flickr?

Neither. I don't use either. I've heard of them though...

Tomboy or Girlie Girl?

Well, I don't like to wear much makeup. My nails are jagged and unpainted. Dresses? No way! See the heels answer above. I like to fish. I just taught my son to put a headlight into a vehicle. Yeah, Tomboy!

Nap or Read?

Oh, it depends on the day. I'm edging towards an early evening bedtime right now. But, then again, I'm battling a cold bug...I do spend quite a bit of time reading each day, bringing my bible, a book for pleasure and my WIP (crochet project) everywhere I go.

Karaoke or Bowling?

No one wants to hear me sing. Trust me. They might not want to see me bowl either, but at least that's not usually painful...

Pizza or Sushi?

Rain or Shine?

There is something special about a rainy day, a day to snuggle down under blankets to read and watch Hulu, but sunshine (although not too warm) is awesome for kayaking and fishing and hiking and picnics and camping and...

Single or Taken?

Dress or Jeans?

JEANS! (PJs would be better...)

Winter or Summer?

Summer! I may complain about how hot and humid it gets sometimes, but Maine summers are fleeting. Winter sticks around FOREVER (it seems).

Exercise or Couch?

Are we talking the gym? exercise videos? Those are so boring! If I'm going to exercise then I want more out of it than good health; I want an experience! I'll take exercise if it can be kayaking or gardening or hiking or swimming. Otherwise, my couch is comfy!

Library or Cafe?

Our little library is such a special place with many nooks and crannies and soft, cushy chairs. Sometimes a quiet spot is just what is needed during a stressful day (or week or month).

Jocks or Nerds?

I know it comes as a surprise, but I'm a nerd, and I'll still with my "flock".

Piano or Guitar?

I've always wanted to play the piano. I took lessons for 5 months once in high school. I still can't play "Chopsticks". I don't have a musical "bone" in my body.

Marvel or DC?

What are these? Oh, DC - DOUBLE CROCHET! I'll take DC! :: wink :: (Can I link up again, Leslie? LOL)


  1. I think I should have given and Ice Tea or wine option on the beverage question too, because honestly I don't like to drink pop that often either. I have used it for headache cure though also. funny how it seems to work. Also about whether people sing in the shower, or in the car - LOL - because it seems none of us are destined for American Idol any time soon. :)
    And YES - link up any time! It's kinda a mixed bag of nuts over there - you never really know just what kind of topic I will have for coffee chat; but - the main thing is just to chat, so feel free to be just totally random too. :)

    1. Can I be a CASHEW? LOL It's a fun hop! More people should head over and join up! :: hint hint ::


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