Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday Coffee Chat: All About Me

Time out for MomThis week at Time Out for Mom, Leslie wants to know:

Blog about it and share over at Tuesday Coffee Chat! Let's get to know each other just a bit better...

1. Jessy. Yeah, I know, not much of a nickname, huh? It's not a super cool, super unique name with an interesting story, but it's mine...and many other women AND men.


3. Dark brown with red highlights...and gray, sometimes.

4. I loathe washing dirty dishes...Not just dislike, but loathe! And a dishwasher doesn't make it any better for me. Unfortunately I've passed on my loathing to the kids. If only paper and plastic wasn't so expensive and bad for the environment!
6. It's not the place that makes it special, but the people I'm with. My favorite "places" are Tom, my kids, my family, and my friends.

7. None. TV, movies or even music doesn't intrigue me to the point of having a favorite actor or musician. Don't get me wrong - I do enjoy media, but I don't "idolized" anyone. But I have to say someone? I like the older actors/actresses, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Robin Williams, Sally Fields.

8. Many - dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, horses, goats. But I don't care for bugs and snakes all that much.


10. The Bible

So, let's get to know you!


  1. Are those your eyes? Gorgeous!! Nice to learn a little about you. :)

    1. Yes! Those are my eyes...with a little make-up! LOL

  2. Oh you have Tiger Eyes!!! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I always wanted that colour of eyes.
    Robin Williams was an amazing talent and man -- it still saddens me that he is gone.
    I am not a fan of dishwashing either. at all. If I put music on, I can tolerate it. I think it's because our sink is in the corner of our kitchen and there is no window. you just face the wall. boring. ugh.

    1. Oh, thanks, Leslie! They are a little different. Sometimes they are darker if its darker outside. That was taken on a bright, sunny day...I have a small window overlooking the swampy, wooded backyard, but it doesn't help! LOL

  3. Jessy, hopping over from Les' place a little late this week. It's nice to meet you. You have beautiful tiger brown eyes with flecks of gold. DH has dark brown eyes I always tell him its like looking into a pool of chocolate and I get totally lost in them. Not that I like chocolate or anything. lol I agree one's favorite place is not always a spot, but the people you are with and I feel that way, too. All creepy, crawling critters are far down the ladder for me and they better be on guard coz I will kill 'em every chance I get. Perfect song! I love Al Green and Let's Stay Together is one of my favorites by him. Thanks for sharing yourself with us!

    Stop by to read...10 get-to-know Cathy facts #A2ZRoadTrip #music.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Cathy! Nothing wrong with chocolate. One of my favorites! LOL I always say that it doesn't matter where you go because its the people to make the place.


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