Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Peak at Our Week: The One Bursting with Bushels of Apples

In My Life This Week
The kids and I spent time with Grandpa and Nannie Lobster, Cousin Noodle, and the island crew for our annual FAMILY APPLE PICKING WEEKEND

Wight's Orchard, near Bucksport, sells McIntosh, Delicious and Cortland apples by the bushel rather than the pound. Getting LOADS of apples is very inexpensive! (Shhh! Don't tell anyone about our favorite orchard! It's crowded enough! LOL) The apples were perfect this year - BIG and SWEET!

Every year after apple picking and getting winter squash and pumpkins, we all descend upon the local CHINESE RESTAURANT for lunch. The horde of us can overwhelm a restaurant, but they've always been welcoming. 

But then the CRUD descended on us: coughing, sneezing, congestion, aches, and pains. :sigh: With Jake going to public school this year and being exposed to copious amounts of germs, I have a feeling we're going to be sniffling a lot this season. 

What We're Cooking
Apples, apples, apples! No surprises there, huh? :wink: We made crockpot applesauce. I don't really have a recipe for it. I fill the crock with peeled, sliced apples, add in about 1/2 cup of water with lemon juice, a half "palm"of dark brown sugar, and a big ol' dash of ground cinnamon. Cook on high until the apples practically mush themselves, but a potato masher will do the job quickly, then spoon into glass canning jars, wipe the tops and pop on the lids. The 'sauce is so warm that the jars seal without a water bath!

High School Happenings
A project to test acceleration of an object. Discovered the ratio of chocolate chips to cookie in Keebler and Hannaford brand chocolate chip cookies. (Keebler had more chip for cookie FYI.) Learned more Chinese phrases. Watched game shows on You Tube to discuss strategies. Peer reviews of portfolio blogs.

Homeschool Happenings
One of our favorite family traditions is to read Johnny Appleseed: the Story of a Legend by Will Moses  each Autumn. We love the folk-artsy illustrations and fun, informative story about John Chapman. The kids know the story, by heart, but they never want to miss a reading this time of year.

Guess what? I'm THE coolest homeschooling mom ever. Why? Sam mentioned that there are BIOMES in Minecraft! Since he's studying biomes in Life Science, and Cati listens in on his science too, I challenged them to build a shelter using resources found in the biome as well as create food sources. This week they worked on forests, building a log cabin with a fire place (because it can get damp and chilly) and apple trees. (I'm hoping to figure out the video feature on Cati's camera for them to describe their biome home to you. Wish me luck! :wink:)

I made the decision to drop Easy Grammar for Sam at this time. He's never had formal grammar lessons before so starting up at Grade 3 has been a frustrating challenge for both of us. I AM continuing Daily Grammar with him, turning each day into repetitive mini lessons. He's learned quite a bit of grammar already this way...without the struggle.

This week's Life Sci experiments where on Diffusion and Leaf Pigmentation with mixed results.

☼ Easy/Daily Grammar: Prepositions/Days 10-13
The Throne of Fire (C) & The Knight at Dawn (S)
☼ Poetry Unit - Haikus (C)
☼ Spelling Power Lists 7-19 (C) & 6-8 (S)
☼ Saxon Test 4, Lesson 25-26 (C) & Math-U-See 9D-X (S)
☼ Cell Processes and Genetics (C), Biomes (S) & Diffusion and Pigmentation Labs
☼ NROC U.S. History Lessons 13-15

People and Places
☼ Apple Picking (All) ☼ Scouts (All) ☼ Fire Station (S)  Jazz and Concert Band (C) ☼ Library (C/S) ☼ Scout Camping and Kayaking (J) 

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  1. You know, I think I have to agree, you are the coolest homeschool mom ever. :)

  2. Every week I think of how cool your son's high school experience is. I read what he's doing every week and wish I could go to his STEM school :-) I agree the Minecraft biomes is a really cool thing to do. You are cool!!

  3. I love the Johnny Appleseed tradition. We have some special books like that too. Sounds like a full and fun Fall week! Have a great weekend and I can't wait to hear about next week.

  4. Apple picking and then Chinese food! How cool is that!! Your homeschool is very cool!
    Blessings, Dawn

  5. We are apple picking tomorrow. Always a family event. Love your pics as always! Oh Minecraft, I am trying to embrace it but my chi,dren are addicted to say the least

  6. Great pictures! My son loves Minecraft - me not so much!

  7. We have been going through that crud too! It doesn't seem to have slowed you guys down much, though! You still had a great week of fun learning!

  8. commercial ever (for chicken lover's anyway!)

    Love seeing your weeks and your photos:)

    I now feel like I must make crockpot applesauce! Thanks for sharing:)

  9. I miss apple orchards every fall. We lived in Michigan for almost four years and that was a tradition. Here, in Florida, apples are only at the market. But they were on sale this past week, only 97 cents/lb so I made a huge crockpot full of applesauce. Ran errands, came back and the ENTIRE batch and been eaten!! They poured it over vanilla bean ice cream and ate it all. I also have an avid Minecraft player and I try to incorporate school into it.

    1. Sounds yummy! We also like to put it on pancakes in place of syrup!

  10. Just love picking apples in Maine!! Although, I must admit, I was a bit annoyed when I went to Hannaford same day as apple picking with the kids for $1 per pound and they were 89 cents per pound there!! That sale has since disappeared as has our apples, so I guess we need to go picking again ;)

    1. We got about 40-50 pounds of apples for $16 at Wight's...

  11. I am loving all the apple activities!!! Isn't it the best? I love the leaf experiments too. Fall just seems the perfect time to do experiments doesn't it? Minecraft and learning for the win!!! I love connections don't you? Happy 1st week of October!!!


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