Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our Camping Trip

Our first camping trip in 2 seasons was a success! And although the kids and I enjoyed TENTING, we're not ready to give up our pop-up camper! LOL

We arrived on Monday afternoon and set up our site in 30 minutes flat! (But we're SPARSE campers compared to some.) Having 3 "older" kids to pitch the tent, blow up air mattresses and set up camp chairs made for a quick camp set-up! Lovin' the teamwork!

Our LL Bean Ultimate 6 Person Dome Tent
Our Air Mattress Beds with a Sleeping White Pine (Left Side) 
Our Camp Closet for Clothing (Right Side)

Our days were spent swimming in the pool since we had several SCORCHER days! We're all tanned up (despite sunblock) from HOURS and HOURS swimming. And I was excited to see that Balsam Fir's ability to swim has come along by leaps-and-bounds already this summer!

We enjoyed evening walks after campfire dinners along the brook and pond. We saw turtles, a Luna Moth and dragonfly, and a PORCUPINE...and heard several different kinds of birds and frogs.

Balsam Fir Sitting Atop a HUGE Tire at
the Playground by the Brook in PJs
Brown Saddlebag Dragonfly - Identified by Entomologist
Nick B (who at 9 Knows More Than I Will EVER Know About
Insects LOL)
The Brook that Meanders Through the Campground 
Dusk at the Pond

And we enjoyed quiet evenings around the campfire, reading and talking and listening to birds.

((sigh)) And now back to MOUNTAINS of dirty laundry! LOL


  1. Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Looks fun! We haven't been camping in two years. I miss it! Unfortunately, looks like we won't be going this year either.

  3. Jessy, what a great trip. I am not a huge fan of tent camping. I love everything except the actual sleeping. ;) Love all the swimming time you got in. Your walks look so beautiful and how cool you saw a porcupine!! And a there anything better? :) Were there S'mores? :)

  4. We love to camp! Your pics are fantastic:) Looks like a beautiful place. And a porcupine?! Pretty cool!


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