Sunday, January 29, 2012

Making Life a Little Less Cluttered and More Organized: Week 4

Well, I tried - really, I did! - to get some decluttering and organizing this week, but I just didn't get to much. I had a headache for 5 days. ((sigh)) I'm not prone to headaches, but I couldn't shake this mild one. Perhaps it went along with my slight sniffles? And then there was homeschooling, activities, visiting friends (of the kid-kind), shoveling the driveway and roof, taking care of the animals, staying ahead of Mt. Washmore, vacuuming, sweeping, bread-making, grocery shopping, and DISHES. Alright, not the dishes...the kids and Blue Spruce do those! LOL But it was a busy week!

"Hot Spots" Put Out
((echoo)) ((echoo))

Yeah, nothing was "put out" this week. Next week?

But ONE of us was productive!

Honey To Do List
Removed ALL Recyclable and Household Trash
Changed Light Bulbs
Fixed Crack Behind Furnace Line (for No More Frozen Heating Oil)


  1. I'm trying to de-clutter, but am not being very successful. Maybe if the house was de-cluttered I would have time for the de-cluttering I need to do? Sigh. I keep telling myself that the stuff isn't going anywhere, but the kids might! Some day! I've linked your blog to my Random 11 blog post. I hope you'll have time to come and participate!

  2. Sounds like you accomplished A LOT to me! Sorry about the headache--that makes everything harder and less pleasant. We did some de-cluttering before putting away our Christmas stuff, and it felt good. But there is always more to do... :-)

  3. Oh...I had a nasty cold w/headache a week or so ago too. I used to get awful headaches when I was younger...but haven't in a loooooong time now! That one about did me in! Hopefully, it was tandem with you cold too.

    I LOVE to declutter! And would happily clean out my house top to bottom...


    I had a live in nanny/cook/main/therapist/yada yada...for the next month! :)


  4. I'm trying so hard to declutter too. It's a huge job!! DH and I keep reminding each other - "it took us almost 25 years to accumulate some of this stuff, we can't expect to get rid of it in 25 minutes!"

  5. Mt. Washmore!! I love it! Now I know what to call the pile in my laundry room. Hubby & I have been working steadily at decluttering...lots of yard sales, donations to the church, etc. But the holidays set us back some...and added some. I was just thinking today I needed to start re-organizing. Hope you feel better soon!


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