Friday, September 9, 2011

Art Friday: Lines!

Art INSTRUCTION has always been a flop in our homeschooling. Now the kids do enjoy raiding the arts and crafts drawer to create their own masterpieces, but formal Art studies not so much. I'm trying again though with How to Teach Art to Children. It is a simple art instruction book from Evan Moor that focuses on the 7 elements of art - line, shape, form, color, value, texture, form, and space - and 24 famous artists with activities. This week we learned about LINES.

We discussed and found examples of vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines in our school room (i.e. the diningroom). And then completed a worksheet with examples of each.
S's Lines Worksheet
C's Lines Worksheet
J's Lines Worksheet
There are also zigzag, wavy, looped, curly, and scalloped lines.
S's 8 Rectangle Lines Quilt
C's 8 Rectangle Lines Quilt
J's 8 Rectangle Lines Quilt
And curved and angled lines make GREAT bookmarks! Taking 3 strips of thick colored paper, we cut them in half using different types of lines and then layered the pieces and glued them together to create a cool bookmark. 
J, C and S's Lines Bookmarks
And now we're off the read!


  1. Art instruction is not easy. I really like your projects with lines. Looks like you've found a good instruction book!

  2. Very nice! Let me know how you like the book, I've been looking at that one myself


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