Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: August 13-19

In My Life This Week
Unplugged and under-scheduled! OK, I'm not QUITE unplugged! LOL However, I don't venture onto the laptop until the kids are nestled in bed. I am surprised at the kids though. Would you believe that I haven't heard Mom, I'm bored! since we started this? They seem CONTENTED with simplified days! And look at all that we've accomplished: 
  1. Cleaned up the kids' bedrooms, throwing away BAGS of old clothing, broken toys and trash, and donating BAGS of outgrown clothing, toys and unused items
  2. Organized 4 closets, including the entry closet and all those STINKY old sneakers
  3. Took the dog for long, relaxing walks through the woods, watched the chickens "free range", and caught wood frogs and peepers, grasshoppers and dragonflies
  4. Sat down to leisurely family meals without rushing off to TV, computer and video games
  5. Read TONS of books and the kids reread old "Your Big Backyard" and "Ranger Rick" magazines
  6. Created fun puppets and art from the "Art Junk Drawer", put together a few puzzles, created Lego masterpieces, and played board and card games
  7. C and S made, um, "improvements" to the treehouse with items they repurposed from the garage
  In Our Homeschool This Week
We starting to put together our 4H posters to display at the upcoming agricultural fair. C decided to focus on "Backyard Botany", identifying wild plants in our own yard, while S - SURPRISE, SURPRISE! - did "My Pet Chickens".  (No photos yet, but soon!)

The kids LOVE our Read Aloud, Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, this week! Shiloh is a wonderful story about a boy's love of a dog and what he does to protect him from an uncaring owner. And if YOU would like a GREAT read, read Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood. I never did see the movie, but the book is a page-turner!

Places We're Going and People We're Seeing
  • J spent the weekend hiking Mt Katahdin - Maine's highest peak - with the Boy Scouts and then turned right around and spent the week with my ILs, going to Advanced Culinary Camp. Hiking EXHAUSTED him, but he enjoyed the experience and learned LOTS at cooking camp. (I'm slowly phasing myself OUT of the kitchen! LOL)
  • J's friend T stayed with us for a couple of days while his parents were off on a Canadian vacation
  • C and S went to the final Rec Center free lunch
    My Favorite Thing This Week
    Hanging out at our little library. By myself. Searching through the ADULT SECTION and catching up on the newest bestsellers. And reading on the covered wraparound porch with a view of Main Street and the lake.
    What's Working/Not Working for Us Me
    An earlier, simpler bedtime routine for the kids. Getting the younger two settled in for the night by 8:00 and sending the oldest up at 9:00 lets me have a couple of hours of Mom Time. And a chance to watch TV I would rather THEY didn't see! (I do like Reality TV too much! LOL)
    Thoughts/Questions I Have
    When is my back-ordered curriculum going to arrive? J's Around in the World in 180 Days set hasn't shipped from Rainbow Resource yet! T minus 18 days to our first day back! I'm starting to "what if" plan, perhaps having him chose a period of time to study that interests him.
    Photos, Link, Video, or Quote to Share
    Meet our flock! I talked with our "egg donor" and found out our chicks are Barred Rocks, Partridge Rocks, and Americana. And the mystery chick with feathers growing out of the sides of her legs is probably Cochin-Americana. (The first chick is Black Eye! I somehow forgot to write the name on the photo!) Any guesses as to who's a rooster? Our friend thinks they're ALL hens! Getting 10-for-10 out of incubated eggs is like winning the lottery! (Somehow I don't think we won the Chicken Lottery with the sounds coming out of Ewok this morning!)
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    1. Your chickens are adorable!!

      I have been holding the line on tv and games, but have not given it up 100% at this very moment. I think I am going to have to go back to that though- there always seems to be an underlying expectation that I might "give in". Your post inspires me to stand firm! ;)

    2. How fun! I should try the less plugged in thing. I tried this week to limit my laptop time. Something I am working on. We did limit our TV Time in the evenings and it was nice to sit and listen to quiet.

      Have a great week

    3. Wow, the library (alone...) trip to the mountains and chickens....I want chickens...and to go to the library alone...What a great week you had. Yes, unplugging def leaves time for many other things, doesn't it! I'm so glad I found your blog!!!

    4. This sounds like a wonderful time! I love going to the library alone.. Searching through the Adult section is awesome. :) Have a wonderful week!

    5. Your week sounds so lovely! I have added the books Shiloh and Charlie St. Cloud to my wishlist:)

    6. Such a great time! I like your post.

    7. My goodness, you had a busy and productive week!! Wonderful! Makes me feel downright lazy! Lol!

    8. Wow! What a wonderful (and productive!) week you have had! :-)

      I just love the pictures of the chickens! I would really like someday to get some of our own.

      I hope your next week is as great!

      Many blessings,

    9. love the idea of being unplugged. So nice to have a break!

      And I love the chicken's names!

    10. Looks like a great week!
      My Grandma used to have chickens, it was so much fun (since I did not have to do any job). Now, not that much...LOL
      But in all honesty, I would like to have them, and trip to the library...alone!

    11. What a great week you had. I love your flock. I cannot wait until we can get some chickens. It is amazing once you unplug how great it can be. I read something once that said if you are never given down time to just think then you will never accomplish anything.

    12. Really sounds like a great week for you all!
      I am impressed that your library has a wraparound cool!!

    13. We have been unplugged for a while now and I have seen such a change in my children. They tend to read more, use their imagination more, etc. It has been great just having family time that used to be took up by the TV.
      Many more posts of all the cleaning/organizing you are doing will get me going again. I suppose that would be ok. It's just a couple of months before fall cleaning, LOL.

    14. Yes, I think we may have to borrow your 'unplugged' idea for our first week back. To really dive in and focus on our new schedule.

      I love the chickens!! My cousins did chickens for their 4H projects and state fair stuff. I want my own chickens :-( I just don't think my neighbors would like me much ;-)

      I hope your books arrive in plenty of time!! That can be a bit 'hairy'!!

    15. Awesome!! Mackenzie was unplugged this week too. Cuz she got in trouble. LOL She read a lot more, which is saying a lot, because she always reads a lot.

      Cute little chickens!

    16. Great productive week!! I'm tired just reading it all! Came over from the Hip Hop...enjoyed my visit!

      The Joyful Journey
      The The Homeschool Apologist

    17. Cute chicks! What a great week! I also LOVE going to the library by myself. Though usually I have to hurry back. :)

    18. following back from fun Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    19. Thanks for following Mommy Time Out

    20. Nice post! Thanks for following me!

    21. Wow! Unplugged, that's awesome. I have a tough time going for a few hours. I'm hoping to stretch it some when I start homepreschooling my daughter in a week or two.

      Following you back from TTBHoB.

    22. Thanks for the follow. I was already following you ;-)

    23. Hi there - I just wanted to thank you for your comment and for following me. I'm returning the favor as your newest follower! :)

      Unplugged - what a GOOD idea! I'm not sure if I could talk the hubs into it...

      It seems like you had a great week. I must say I LOVE the chickens. My father in law has chickens and I love them almost as much as my son does. They're so fun!

      I look forward to hearing/reading more from you! Have a good day!

    24. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I am now following your fun site.

      have a great week!


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