Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday Coffee Chat: Everyday Super "Heroes"

Time out for MomThis week at Time Out for Mom, Leslie wants to know:

So I am trying to refrain from gushing 
about all things Super Hero.   
To distract me; 
tell me about something you think is Super!  

 Blog about it and share over at Tuesday Coffee Chat!

How about a lot of somethings?

bright rays of sunshine and a wisp of a breeze on a spring day
a hard-working, devoted husband-to-be and 5 quirky, healthy kids
a baby snapping turtle meandering around the yard to the brook
a son excited and determined to build a tree house
hens that lay fresh eggs with bright yellow-orange yolks
a working, reliable vehicle
homemade chocolate chips cookies warm from the oven with cold milk
help with home maintenance and repairs
clean, cool lakes for kayaking, swimming, fishing, and picnics
healthy bodies and minds
the ability to pay debts and a little extra left over
"love notes" from Sam (even if it's with spray paint)

What's super in your life?


  1. Oh, I see what you did there...love it!

  2. YES!!!
    I will take one of each please!
    maybe two of the cookies :)
    I bet they will go super with my coffee.

    1. Life is good, Leslie! But better with cookies, right? LOL


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