Thursday, April 16, 2015

Weekly Wrap-up: Week 28 - Roll With It

Go figure! A flat tire! After meeting my Mom's friend, who drove the kids most of the way here from their grandparent's house, my tire went "pop" 25 miles from home. We waited 45 minutes for AAA to arrive, but it took the poor mechanic an hour to put on the spare. One challenge after another! We were close to VIP, the only place opened on a Sunday, and a few minutes later I had 2 spankin' new tires. AAA is such a great investment in piece of mind!

It was an important lesson in patience for all of us: Some days you just need to roll with it!

My kids were on the road 7 hours before we got home. But the weather was warm and sunny. Soaking up some rays from the side of the road wasn't such a bad way to spend almost 2 hours. And we took a walk from VIP to get some lunch near by while the tires were being put on. Not exactly the best way to spend an afternoon, but there have been worse ones. A reminder to take life's challenges in stride.

With nothing else to do while we waited, I read and crocheted. I bring a basket with my current book, my bible, my planner and pen case, and my latest crochet project wherever I go. You never know when you'll have time to read or create, especially to pass time waiting.

And that includes learning! Cati has wrapped up most of her studies this year. She's continuing to read Story of the World, studying the middle ages, and is researching and writing her Maine Studies paper. She's also working towards reading books that have a connection to every U.S. state to earn a book bag from the library, and of course she still has Concert and Jazz Bands at the public school. Otherwise, her dedicated (early morning) work has paid off! School days will be short-and-sweet for her.

Sam wishes that he was finishing up HIS curriculum. With his SPD, there are challenges with remembering information as he focuses mostly on PHYSICALLY reading information rather than what the words mean. It's something he'll always struggle with to some degree, so he's learning tactics to help him along. His learning is slow due to frequent review, but I'm confident he knows what we've studied thus far. Soon, he'll be unschooling rather than school-at-home (which is mostly my method right now). 

But he was excited to pick up a small hand saw on Tuesday to begin sawing up down limbs for our firepit. He's spent hours sawing up small sections, creating 2 piles of different size pieces. Now...if the weather will stay dry we can celebrate spring with S'mores!

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Happy Homeschooling!


  1. Happy S'mores celebrating! I am sorry that you had to practice patience this week. :)

  2. Great attitude. life is ful of little setbacks. We have to learn to take them in stride and find fun anywhere.

  3. Oh my! I'm glad you were prepared for a wait! Having your stuff with you really helped an annoying situation be not quite so annoying, I'm sure! All that wood is going to be great for summer nights sitting around the campfire! Good job, Sam!

  4. What a great way to look at things. We try to do that too. :) Yay for Cati being almost done with her year. I can't believe how quickly it has passed. It honestly seems like it just started. We have 2 HUGE tress that were cut down that has been laying in the back yard for 5 months. My brother was SUPPOSED to come get it all months ago. I wish Sam was here to help with that. ;) Happy Sunday.


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