Monday, April 13, 2015

Tuesday Coffee Chat: I'm Lovin' It

This week at Time Out for Mom, Leslie's asking what we're loving right now. What's your favorite things? Blog about it and share over at Tuesday Coffee Chat!


Oh, spring has FINALLY arrived here in Maine. Praise God! Just look at these predicted temperatures this week:

There's not one night below freezing! Do you know how many months it's been that we've had a week stretch with above freezing temperatures? Way too many! I am SO loving the warmth and sun! C'mon Vitamin D!

I turned the heat off Sunday afternoon. I have been longing for the day when I could do so, saving the rest of the heating oil I had delivered a month or so ago. Heating oil has been a huge cost this winter with 2 months of mostly frigid temperatures. I am loving not having to budget in more heating oil until about October!

And look! The windows are open! We're flushing out the stale, dry winter air and welcoming in cool, fresh spring air. I don't even care that my seasonal allergies are kicking in...

The snow is disappearing quick. Sure, it means MORE MUD, but with that sun shining it won't be long before we're dried out. And there's nothing PRETTY about dirty, early spring snow. I've loving that soon we'll have green grass again!

Before long we'll be preparing the veggie garden for another season. Perhaps I should order seeds!

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  1. yeah -- we had 21 degrees today!!! the kids had me scrambling to find them a pair of shorts!!
    and to think last week, just before our vacation - it snowed! In fact, we still have patches on the ground where the sun doesn't shine as long. And there my kids were running over it in flip flops and shorts!
    Canada weather is so weird in April!
    But I am finally beginning to dream about my own garden too!


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