Sunday, April 12, 2015

Memory Monday: Mom & Dad

Retired Not Tired Memory MondayEvery week Retired Not Tired hosts the Memory Monday blog hop. This week's prompt is My ParentsLet's hear about your Mom and Dad! Blog about it and share your memories!

I affectionately refer to my parents as Nannie and Grandpa Lobster here on my blog. Isn't it cute? 

My Mom and Dad will celebrate 44 years of marriage at the end of this year. 44 years! Not many couples can say that! They met when my Mom was just 14 years old, and married when she was 17. And through all the ups-and-downs of life, they're still completely devoted to each other. They're still goofy with each other! "Teens" these days!

My Dad started off doing some golf caddying as a child then as a mechanic as a teen, but soon was working as a sternman for a lobsterman. He bought his own boat soon after and hauled traps for over 40 years before retiring a few years ago and driving a school bus.

My Mom worked a variety of jobs when we were growing up, crab meat picker, motel room cleaner and home day care provider, but mostly she was a stay-at-home Mom. And now? She also drives a school bus!

Grandpa Lobster loves his TV, golf and boxing, old westerns. And Nannie Lobster crochets and knits and has her chicken flock. They live a simple, quiet life on the island.  At least until they do the one thing that they love more than anything: Have ALL 5 of their grandkids over!

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  1. My husband and I will be married 42 years this June and my favorite times are spent with my family and my 6 grandchildren. Thanks for sharing.


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