Sunday, May 19, 2013

As the Garden Grows: We're Sowed and Blooming

So, are you gardening this year? How're your crops growing? Our seeds arrived by mail from Pine Tree, a Maine company "down the road" from us, and we were anxious to get this season's garden planted. With the help of Jake's friend L_, we got ALL those seeds into the soil, watered well and hopefully on their way to germinating. The Early Girl Tomatoes will be planted later in May when it (hopefully) warms up a tad more.

2013 Crops
Bush Romano Bean
Windsor Broccoli
Boston Pickling Cucumber
Small Sugar Pumpkin
Early Girl Tomato
Kennebec Potato
Parisian Carrot
Knight Pea
Carouby de Maussane Snow Pea

To prepare to sow our seeds, we marked squares in the soil using sticks. These grids helped us to place the seeds with recommended spacing, except for carrots. Have you seen carrot seeds? Teeny tiny, itty bitty! Then, using Jake's quickly drawn map we planted the seeds.

Jake's Kennebec potatoes arrived a few days later and he got those "bedded down" in the larger garden. And now we wait for our seeds to germinate and start growing.

In the meantime, Cati's flower garden continues to grow, and the common violets and dandelions are out. The flowering trees have buds. Everything seems to be popping up quite nicely this spring!


  1. I'm so glad to hear you have been able to get your garden planted. It feels good. I know when I finally got the remaining seeds planted into the seedling trays last weekend, I felt relief. I actually feel wonderful now because I see them coming up. It's great to see how fast things are coming up...except for the weeds outside.

    We planted Kennebec potatoes as well. Our plants are all up for our early season, and most are up for mid season. There is still a lot of work to do in the garden, but I might just not worry about the grass and plant. The ground is tilled and soft.

    The flower pictures look so pretty. We have so many beautiful flowers around here thanks to the person who sold us the house.

  2. Is it exciting to see those seedlings pop through the soil! We're hoping for a productive crop season, especially for peas, beans, cucumbers, and pumpkins. Now, if only the temperatures would warm up a tad so those seedlings would grow quicker! LOL


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