Monday, May 21, 2012

TOS Review: Heritage History Young Readers

So, we received this really neat history curriculum, Young Readers Classical Curriculum, to review from Heritage History. What's cool about it? Well, this history curriculum is a bunch of stories on a CD that I can download onto my Kindle Fire and bring anywhere with us! A GREAT resource for VAN LEARNING or waiting for one of the Saplings to finish an activity! (Yeah, we're on the road quite a bit! LOL)

Young Readers ($24.99) is for (from website):
The Young Readers collection is the introductory unit of the Heritage Classical Curriculum. It is intended for grammar school students who are reading fluently and would benefit from a broad introduction to leading events and characters of Western Civilization.
The Young Readers library includes easy-to-read, engaging selections from many of the other libraries in the Heritage History curriculum series. Most of the books in the Young Readers collection are anecdotal rather than comprehensive histories—that is, they provide short stories selected to appeal to children rather than a complete overview of a civilization. In addition to stories from history, the Young Readers collection includes legends, adapted literature, historical fiction, and short biographies.

I'm new at downloading files onto my Kindle Fire, but with a little help from Blue Spruce we had our American, European and Ancient histories ready to read! Over 80 "living books" to enjoy! (Want to see a list of those book? Click here!)

So, where did we enjoy Young Readers? 

Around a fire, in the back yard, with the hens and ducks of course! LOL What's more enjoyable for learning history than relaxing around a warm, crackling fire with your pets near by, listening and discussing history? The Saplings wanted me to read more and more from Heritage History

Oh, and if you want to focus on a different area of history, Heritage History also has CDs for Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, British Middle Ages, and British Empire!

And each CD comes with the following study aides:
dozens of historical maps, including outline maps and geography terms, summary of each historical era, battle dictionary, short biographies of famous people, timelines of major events, 100s of quality images, and accountability records

Pondering Heritage Heritage? Head over to their website for more information by clicking here or any of the highlighted links above, or see what other TOS members have to say about all the CD collections here!

Disclaimer: As a member of The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew, Our Side of the Mountain was provided this product free in exchange for our honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.  


  1. Sounds interesting! There isn't much I like more than cuddling up on the couch reading with my kids. :-)

  2. I've been intrigued by this. Do the books have any illustrations? If so, are they color or black & white. I have a classic kindle and love a lot of the old black & white illustrations in some of the older books. Most of them aren't transported to the kindle editions though...

    1. We've only read aloud a portion of the American History book and it has not had any illustrations. There are over 80 books though...LOL

    2. It does say ILLUSTRATED, but I don't know if that includes Kindles, especially classic. I have a Kindle Fire and there haven't been any illustrations (yet).


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