Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My TOP 10 Can't-Do-It-Without List for Homeschooling

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

Angie over at Many Little Blessings is having an informative and fun linky party for Top Ten Tuesday this week. (Yeah, I am a little late since it's WEDNESDAY! LOL) You should head over and see what others are linking up!

My Top 10 Homeschooling Must Haves

1. Laptop with internet access and printer

Would that be considered 3 things? LOL The internet has a wealth of FREE worksheet printables, informational videos, on-line tutorials, outline and detailed maps, field guides, educational games, and arts and craft ideas. The list really is endless!

Sugar Maple Watching an Educational Video On-Line

4. Library

Nothing can really top the library! Even 1-3! All those books are just waiting to be read and enjoyed and turned into "delight-directed" learning! And most libraries even have videos, puzzles and games, computers with internet, and special events you can attend.

Library Books and Videos for a Snow Unit Study

5. Working Vehicle

Yeah, a WORKING vehicle. (Have you read about my vehicle frustrations this month?) When it comes to homeschooling, you really aren't HOME all that much. Well, at least around here! LOL White Pine, Sugar Maple and Balsam Fir participate in numerous activities that require transportation as well as going on field trips and getting to the state parks that we enjoy.

6. Mini White Boards with Dry Erase Markers

Is that 2? LOL Every school day we use white boards. They're great! Not only do they save on paper - it's important to be GREEN, right? - but the kids find it a nice break from pencil-and-paper work. They can write in different colors and erase errors and redo them.

Sometimes White Boards Communicate
Opinions about Math LOL

8. Office Supplies

I'm going to count this one as ONE, but really it's a whole lot'o somethings! LOL Binders for daily work, dividers for organizing papers, pens and pencils, sharpener and stapler, glue sticks and index cards, typing paper and construction paper, and colored pencils and scissors are all pretty important for our homeschools.

Our Current School Shelves with Texts,
Reference Books, Work Binders, and
Office Supplies Caddy

9. Patience

Not just the teacher, ahem, Mom, but also the kiddos. Each day I am juggling 3 Saplings who all learn differently, have different interests and are at different grade levels. And sometimes my Saplings simply must be understanding and rely on themselves to accomplish work while I am busy helping another. Patience makes homeschooling go smoother!

10. Support from Family and Friends

You CAN homeschool without the support of extended family and close friends, but it so much better with it. That support can take a huge "weight" of a homeschooling parents shoulders by giving them someone to talk about good AND bad days.

Blue Spruce Helping Balsam Fir Build a Model Engine

There you have it! Our Side of the Mountain's Top 10 Must Haves for Homeschooling! What are yours?

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