Saturday, March 3, 2012

Review: Fabulously Fun FunBites Cube It! Food Cutter

Have you seen my attempts at making Bento packable lunches for the kids?

They're functional. They fill bellies. And miss a little of the FUN FACTOR, wouldn't you say? But now I have a FunBites Cube It! Food Cutter to add some whimsy to their homemade Lunchables! Little cubes of fun!

Check out this video from FunBites on how easy it is to use the Cube It! Food Cutter:

This thing is SO cool that even the saplings wanted to use it! (I'm all for THEM making lunch! Ha!) And guess what? I am TOTALLY surprised at how sturdy it is! Sure, we knew it would cut through bread and cheese and deli meat and baked goods, but could it REALLY get through apples? carrots? CELERY? Yep! (Although it did break up the celery a bit in the process.)

What do you think of our Very-First-Made-in-5-Minutes-Leftover-Pizza Bento using the FunBites Cube It! Food Cutter?

Pepperoni Pizza with Tomato Dipping Sauce, Cube It
Carrots and Celery, Cortland Apples, and Fruit Pie Pocket
This Nibbler Likes!

But the saplings couldn't stop there! (I encouraged them to save some "cubing" for another day though! LOL) Balsam Fir had a wonderful idea: chunky cubed egg salad sandwiches! If you've been reading over here at Our Side of the Mountain you know that we LOVE our cluckers. (Over 200 eggs in 2012 thus far!) Hard-boiled eggs are becoming a frequent visitor!

Balsam Fir "Squishing" Hard-Boiled Eggs
And Now "Rocking" to Cut Through 
Popping the Pieces Out 
Perfectly Chunky Cubed Eggs!
Yum! Chunky Cubed Egg Salad on a Hot Dog Roll with
Lettuce and Paprika

I'm pretty sure that FunBites didn't have THIS in mind for their fab cutters. Can you guess what they are? Not croutons (although that sounds like a GREAT idea)! LOL

Homemade DOG TREATS! We make LOADS of things at home from scratch when we can, and that includes all-natural dog biscuits. These little FunBites Cube It! squares are Apple-Cinnamon-Parsley Doggie Biscuits! WET dog approved!

But kids need nibbles too, right? I've been eyeing a cheddar cheese cracker recipe from From Away for a while. Think Cheez-its. The kids LOVE these little crackers, but who has time to cut out all those squares to make healthier homemade ones? The Cube It! cutter was perfect for this job! Don't these look great?

Now, I've got more ideas for the FunBites Cube It! Food Cutter, but I guess this post has gotten pretty long, huh? I received this product from FunBites to post a honest review on my blog. All thoughts are our own. Links are highlighted for additional information and recipes. Visit FunBites here to find out more or order your very own Cube It! or Luv It! food cutters! (And use this code, MarchMadness, at the checkout for free shipping this month!) 


  1. that does look neat.. and that is so not fair with the egg salad tease.. I keep forgetting to buy mayo! I want egg salad!

  2. You made some great and creative things with this! I actually just got the FunBites 'Hearts' cutter. I am really excited to use it now and see what I can come up with! Keep up the great work!

  3. This is adorable! I just LOVE this idea! :-) Thanks so much for linking up. I'm not sure about the button thing. I wish I knew. I thought I followed their exact directions. Sigh. :-(

  4. Thanks for linking up - your kiddos look so happy to be helping out! love it!!! Healthy stuff too- we love that!

  5. I don't think it gets much cuter than this! I love those cubes. Great job! The dog even likes it! Thank you so much for linking up with Kelli and I at Kids in the Kitchen. We love the family friendly ideas and the kids in the photos. Please join us again next week. Blessings!


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