Sunday, February 5, 2012

Making Life a Little Less Cluttered and More Organized: Week 5

Isn't if funny how you find things you've long forgotten when you declutter piles of trash things around the house? Little mementos of life you couldn't throw away and meant so much at the time, but end up at the bottom of a "junk box". I guess they're not quite THAT important. ((wink)) 

But those fun Brighter Vision Learning workbooks I did with White Pine as a toddler are still pretty sweet. We spent time almost every day enjoying the book, workbook, activities, music (on CASSETTE) and STICKERS that came in those BVL boxes. These were our first years of HOMESCHOOLING (even if we didn't know it at the time)! 

Oh, and the foam calendar and weather "frame" that he learned to tell time and date on by placing little rectangular pieces into the slots.  The last year piece is 2005...It's a tiny bit OUT-DATED. LOL

And guess what? I unearthed my photocopied worksheets from my PUBLIC TEACHING DAYS! 100s of organized-by-subject helpers in a re-purposed PAMPERS box. Yep! Even a 100+ count diaper box can come in handy for school!

Ah, the memories!

Anyway, I was a bit more productive in putting out "hot spots" this week. And Blue Spruce continues to work on that Honey To Do List diligently.

  • decluttered under the desktop computer desk, removing 2 garbage bags of trash and COMPLETELY removing everything and relocating items to their proper places
  • placed peel-and-stick tiles under the desktop computer desk and chair and near the kitchen sink and stove for more protection from scuffs
  • cleaned the chicken coop and run, replacing bedding and adding DE and raking everything up
  • gathered the rest of the bulk trash in the garage and bagged it up to be dropped it off at the Transfer Station along with all the recyclables


  1. Way to go!! One of these days, I'll join you in decluttering. I have a vision for my pantry. Now I just need the extra moolah to make it happen.

    1. Yeah, I'm waiting to do my BIG declutter and organize - the play room - when I have the $$ for new, sturdy bookcases and plastic totes. The play room will be a week-long accomplishment! ;)

  2. Congratulations! You are getting a lot done. I'm finding it hard to focus some days, but we are still making progress. This weeks treasure I found were some photos of my son when he was four (he's ten now) that my mom had packed away. Who knows what other treasures she has been hoarding.

  3. Glad you are moving forward! Us too and it feels so good. I also loved my brighter vision days with my son. So sweet. Thanks for sharing your success. It is motivating!


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