Wednesday, February 15, 2012

As We Get Closer to Summer Even Though it Looks Like Winter

54 days! 

That's it! We have 54 more days before our 8th year of homeschooling can (legally) end. The end of another year of learning is "on the horizon" and it's been an interesting year.

Our Current Curriculum and Supplies

So, I've been spending some time looking at where we are and where we need to be, and planning our next 54 days to meet these goals and start summer vacation with a bang.

White Pine
Saxon Grammar and Writing - 60 lessons left
Saxon Algebra 1/2 - 64 lessons left
Earth Science - 8 chapters left
A History of Us - 6 books left

Sugar Maple
Saxon Grammar and Writing - 24 lessons left
Draw Write Now - 11 lessons left
Spelling Power - finish level D
MCP Math - 8 chapters left
Apologia Astronomy - 3 lessons left
Health Lapbook Unit

Balsam Fir
Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons - 30 lessons left
Hooked on Phonics: Learn to Read Level 2 - pages 51-69
Grammar and Writing Handbook - pages 90-151
Draw Write Now - 10 lessons left
Saxon Math 1 - 58 lessons left
Lakeshore Science File Folder Games - 14 files left
Health Lapbook Unit

Yeah, it looks like we have a lot of work to go, huh? We're going to get there though! And if we don't QUITE meet all these goals, well, it's OK. 

Looking Forward to Summer Sunsets Over the Lake
Where we Swim and Picnic


  1. Awesome :o) Its great to set goals! :D

  2. Woohoo!! Great goals but I love your ability to say "oh well". We had to do summer school last year and I just can't get burnt out again. I am also looking forward to summer and a much needed break.

    1. I know lots of families school year round - and we do a lot of things in the summer that would be considered "school" - but we need those summer months to unwind, relax...and be LESS busy.

  3. Love your organized homeschool shelves and goals :) We are looking forward to summer here too - although we will probably be doing some math catch-up along with our fun, summer learning.


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