Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hike 12 in 2012: Hike 2 - S_'s Cove

On a chilly late afternoon, a snow storm approached Maine and clouds filled the island horizon. Most people think it's a good time to hunker down with the TV and a warm drink, but we headed out for a 3 mile walk around S_'s Cove near the Atlantic Ocean.

S_'s Cove

We parked near the shore, zipped up our jackets, explored the beach for a few minutes, then headed off. The trail isn't really a trail; it's a lane and a half wide road, sometimes dirt, sometimes tar, that winds around the cove and through the woods. There are a few houses, including some wonderful farms, but few vehicles drive by (even without snow threatening).

Beach Stones
Rock Crab Shell and Knotted Wrack Seaweed on Shore
Around the Rocky Cove

Although this walk wasn't for NATURE STUDYING, we ALWAYS notice those things around us that are unusual, interesting, beautiful. We also notice those things that we wouldn't like to see...aluminum cans, plastic grocery bags and snack wrappers. (Please dispose of litter appropriately. We thank you!)

A Break on the Way
A Clearing Overlooking the Ocean
Artist's Fungi on a Dead Tree
Hanging Moss? Any ideas?
Shelf Fungi on a Tree

 By the time we reached the cove again the sun was setting and the wind felt stronger. There wasn't a beautiful sunset through the overcast sky, but the ocean was calm...before the storm.

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  1. It's ALWAYS nature study...right? At least that's what my boys say. ;) What a beautiful hike, and how awesome that you have the opportunity to do that!


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