Friday, February 1, 2013

A Peak at Our Week: Session 3 Week 5 - And It's February!

In My Life This Week
Did you see on my sidebar? That Explorers button? Yeah, I'm having my very own blog hop! Something nature-y and outdoors-y each week. With the help my of my friend Nicole from Blessed Little Homestead, the button "bugs" were finally fixed (I hope). Have you been doing something out-of-doors? nature studies? with your kids? Link up on Sunday!

My Favorite Thing This Week
Brag time! White Pine was elected as a Patrol Leader for Boy Scouts this year. I'm quite proud of his Boy Scout accomplishments over the years, and it's something that he gets a lot of enjoyment and practical skills out of. Well, the Klondike Derby was on Saturday and he was selected to be SENIOR Patrol Leader for the event! 

Homeschool High School
Sadly, White Pine's SketchUp enrichment class at the new charter high school wrapped up this week. He really enjoyed this class! (Sugar Maple has taken an interest in SketchUp, so he spent some time teaching her to use the program as well.) Now, to cross our fingers that he'll be accepted in April to start in the fall as a full-time student.

The Country of Pointed Firs, Cather and Orne Jewett Author and Approach Papers, Algebra Test (95%), Exponents, Fungi, Cladograms Lab, Protists, SketchUp

Homeschool Elementary School
Out with Chemistry and in with Health and Science Folder Games! Chemistry fizzled. Not that my saplings didn't learn anything - they have a good understanding of states of matter, elements and the 3 parts of atoms - but it was time to move on.

We headed back to Ancient Rome, learning about Julius Caesar and his climb to Roman consul and power. The saplings, especially Sugar Maple, will remember the date he was killed: March 15, 44. Her birthday is March 15! But the big news is that next week we start Story of the World Volume 2 and the Middle Ages! Which means I better get going on printing out the timeline cards! Yikes! (Interested in timeline cards? Head over to All Things Beautiful's History and Geography Meme here!)

I found this really cool website with FREE video piano lessons for kids, so Sugar Maple and I have been watching the videos and playing on the new keyboard she got for Christmas. We're having a fun time learning together (even if I can't carry a tune)!

Sugar Maple's Accomplishments
Lots of Trixie Belden books, Creative Writing (Computer) (2500 words), Sequential Spelling Days 47-49, Spelling Flash Cards, Fractions, XtraMath (Subtraction), Health (Heart), Ancient Rome (Caesar/Augustus), Clarinet, Piano (Lessons 1-3)

Balsam Fir's Accomplishments
Flat Stanley, Lionel in the Spring, Writer's Notebook (Capitals/Complete Sentences/Spelling), Word Builder, Money (Coins/Paper) (from, States of Matter, Ancient Rome (Caesar/Augustus)

Books, Books, Books!
We're still reading Minn of the Mississippi...and I can't say as I like Hollings any better, but the kids have enjoyed it. ::wink:: I'm reading aloud Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw to Balsam Fir before bed, sometimes. He's SO into them that he asks me throughout the day to read to him. He's never been one to listen long to books so this is exciting!

Places We Went, People We Saw
☃ Basketball (SM/BF) Klondike Derby (WP)  D__ and T__ Stayed Over   Scouts (WP/SM) ☃ Play: Hound of the Baskervilles (Comedy Version) (All) SketchUp (WP)  A__ Visited  Clarinet (SM) ☃ 

Something To Share

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  1. OH I LOVE LOVE LOVE your quote this week! SOOOOOOO important to remember! <3

  2. You keep so busy all week.

    So, how often do you let the hens in the house?

    1. Almost daily, Rachel. LOL Yes, we ARE crazy chicken people! The chickens never stay in long though, and rarely is there "stuff" to clean up.

  3. Love the quote!!! Looks like a very good week again :) Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  4. Definitely a fun, full week! Seeing the pretend money reminded me I ought to get some out for my middle kids. They would love to play some money games next week. Thanks!

  5. Love the quote! It would be terrific framed and hanging in a school room!

  6. I can't wait to link of with you and other nature-ly people some Sunday! I hope I can remember! Then again it's minus 10 still today in Indiana so we are just enjoying nature from looking out the window!

  7. I love all your money math photos. I have been meaning to do that soon! Love all your kiddos' accomplishments this week!

  8. Sounds like a great linkup! Does zoology studies count, even if it isn't outside? We've been having snow and really cold temps, so we haven't gotten outside a whole lot lately. :-(

    I love your weeks! Your children do and learn so much. I am so impressed.

    And, I just LOVE that quote. I am copying it down for future use! :-)
    Have a great weekend.
    Many blessings,

  9. Great week!! Hooray for your boy scout! Trixie Belden was a favorite of mine (I have some titles that belonged to my mom when she was a child) and of my daughters'. Happy reading. :)

  10. What a great week! I love that quote, I had seen it somewhere else a couple weeks back. It's a great reminder of why we do what we do. :)

  11. OK this week you passed us up on history! Nicely done! I'm also looking forward to the nature link-up. With Spring just around the corner, we'll be out more.

  12. I love your quote. I saw it on Facebook recently and forget to download it. :)

    Trixie Belden! I read everyone of those when I was young. I still like to pick one up and read it every once in a while.

  13. I love that quote!

    I keep reading about Story of the World. I guess I need to learn more about it, so I can figure out if it's a good fit for our family.

  14. Great week! I'm still giggling over the hen pic and your "crazy chicken people" comment. Not everyday you see a chicken helping a child use their computer :-)

    And congrats on the Boy Scout Patrol Leader election.

  15. Jacob was Patrol Leader as well.. They do their Klondike next week I think... We just moved so I have no idea what the plans are as far as the Pinewood derby for the littler ones.

    Glad to see you go the Sketch Up program going again.. good job on the project!

    I will try to find a reason to do the new blog hop!

  16. I'm am dying at the sight of your boy studying with the chicken. Totally awesome!!

    I will not be doing anything outdoorsy until it's another 25 degrees warmer. lol

  17. Love that quote you shared! And Trixie Belden?! I read every one of those books as a child:) I have to go to the library tomorrow so I can introduce my girls to her too!

    Studying with a hen is too funny...looks like our house. Molly is always carrying a hen around!

  18. My son likes to read the Miller Levine Bio book for fun. Looks like you had a fun week!

  19. Sounds like a great week. Kudos to White Pine on the Derby Patrol. Thanks for the suggestion on the piano lesson website. Both of my kids want to learn to play and we have a keyboard so I think I will give it a try....although it may have to be a summer activity. Thanks for posting, I always enjoy reading your blog. Have a blessed week.


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