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Fabulous Fall Fun: September 24 - 30

Homeschool Happenings

Safety! One of our favorite fall traditions is to go to our lil' town's Safety Day at the fire station and see all the shiny red fire trucks and the inside of an ambulance. The kids learned what to do in a smoke filled room. "Get low!" "Don't answer the phone!" We watched rescuers dismantle a Ford with the jaws-of-life and a bucket of firemen rise HIGH into the overcast sky. Sweet Tart got to drive an ATV (with a helmet of course). But our favorite - the K-9 demonstration - is the best!

Awesome Apples! We picked a 1/2 bushel of MacIntosh and Red Delicious apples on Sunday, making our first yummy apple crisp of the season! So, we decided to drop John Cabot this week, and study another John - Johnny Appleseed! We watched these You Tube videos of Disney's 1948 Johnny Appleseed.

But we had to do some apple activities too, right?

Sweet Tart's Color-by-Number from Printables 4 Kids
Sprinter's Parts of an Apple, Map of Johnny's Travels and Summary
Sweet Tart's Finger/Hand Print Apple Tree
Sprinter's Finger/Hand Print Apple Tree

Solar Power! This week our Astronomy studies focused on the sun. We made  a pizza box solar oven to bake English Muffin pizzas and used a paper sun dial to tell time. Our oven didn't quite bake our pizzas, but the inside temperature did reach 110.1 degrees with an outside temperature of 83.1 degrees. And our sun dial was accurate within 10 minutes, but we discussed how the sun's shadow in the dial could be affected by how close to magnetic north our paper was pointing and how straight our gnomon was. (The kids are already talking about changes they could make to increase oven temperature! LOL)

Our Pizza Box Solar Oven with Pizzas
Our Paper Sun Dial Around Noontime

Jag and Sweet Tart had their first Saxon Grammar and Writing tests. Both kids are working a grade level ahead and the work is challenging, so I was QUITE happy with Jag's 99% and Sweet Tart's 89%.

Here's what Sweet Tart and Jag are reading:

Places We Went and People We Saw
  • Soccer, soccer, soccer! (Did I mention this already?! LOL) 
  • Another Saturday at Rec Hoops! Lovin' this! 
  • Junior Girl Scouts bake sale was a SUCCESS! 
  • 3 Scout meetings 
  • Hangin' out with the neighbor's boys 
  • Ice Cream at the Space-themed Parlor! (We each ordered a "Mars". LOL)   
  • Toot! Clarinet Lesson for Sweet Tart 
  • An evening of babysitting a little girl for Sweet Tart (while we're around to help of course)

    Our Favorite Thing(s) This Week

    Field Trip Friday! This week we drove through the beautiful White Mountain National Forest on the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire and explored Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves.

    Mountains Galore on the Kancamagus Highway
    Lower Fall Scenic Rest Stop
    Sprinter's Getting A little Big for HIS Cave
    Lemon Squeezer Cave -  You HAVE to Fit Through This
    Jag's Rock Finds
    Sprinter Making Friends at Mt Willey on the Saco River

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    1. You guys were really busy this week with some nifty things going on! I've always wanted to make a solar oven. If your kids' changes make it more successful in the future, I'd love to hear about it!

    2. My daughter would love Sprinter's cave!

    3. Wow, what a week! I love all the experiments, outdoor activities and the art work!

    4. Those are some beautiful rock finds

    5. What a full week! Thanks for the link for the sundial. We will be studying solar power in another few weeks, and I hadn't thought to add in a sun dial. And I'm hoping our solar ovens will heat up. this time of the year is usually the warmest for us. Crossing my fingers.

    6. I'm totally jealous over your apple picking. No apple picking here. Wahh! But we have good maps now. LOL

      I've said it once, and I say it every're the coolest homeschool mama ever. I'd have never gotten around to the solar oven. LOL

    7. That is a LOT to pack into one week!
      Looks like some wonderful field trips and great projects going on.

    8. The sun cooperated for our shadow puzzle project...the wind however did not!

      We're going to try again on a less windy day!

      I love full weeks...


    9. Wow, that gorge is so beautiful...and the rocks are so pretty. We don't have that sort of thing here. I love your paper sundial. We had fun with making a solar oven, too. Looks like a wonderful week!

    10. what a fun week. i enjoyed all of your photos. i never thought to take pictures of my kids' work but that is a great idea and helpful @ record-keeping! thanks for sharing what your kids are reading, too. my 6yo daughter is always needing book recommendations. have a fantastic week, friend!

    11. I REALLY do like to visit and leave comments on blogs of my readers who leave comments, but I'm not able to access several profiles to find your blogs. So sorry for not visiting!

    12. What a home school you have! I'm impressed with all you do. I really find the solar oven interesting. Thank you for visiting Second Star Academy as well.

    13. What a great field trip!!! It looks like it was so much fun :-)

    14. Your pictures of the White Mountains are beautiful, what an incredible field trip.

    15. Ohhhh what an awesome, fun week! Love the caves and rocks! Can I be a student in your homeschool???? Fun, Fun, Fun!!

    16. Thanks for linking up! I love the apple prints! And, of course, we LOVED Blood on the River.

    17. Oh wow, I watched that Appleseed video as a kid!! That is so cool!!

      Those fall colors are just beautiful!!! Truly they are!

      Thanks for stopping by C2C!!

    18. Wow! What an awesome week! :-) I love all of your hands-on activities! Can I come and learn in your homeschool? Your children are blessed to have such a wonderful mom/teacher! :-)))

      I am hoping to take my kids to an apple orchard soon. Apple crisp sounds delicious.

      Your photos from your field trip are absolutely stunning!

      Many blessings,

    19. Wow! I love those kinds of trips. Looks like it was fun. I clipped a magazine page that showed how to make one of those "solar ovens" to make smores, but now it's getting to cold and cloudy. I missed my chance this year. Following now from the Tuesday hop!
      Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life

    20. I'm glad you were able to make it to NH! I can't believe this, but I think I'm turning down an opportunity to go later this week... Still thinking about it though.

    21. Wow .. i am so jealous! we live in the Bahamas.... but it seriously is not paradise like some would think! :) Look at those MOUNTAINS! :) ahhhh .... We have hardly no extra curriculars here! I will have to MAKE them myself! :) for our son as he gets older! :) Invent new "nights" .... to do with kids :) thanks for the post! I only have a preschooler but its amazing to see the things other homeschoolers do !!!! :) stopping by from the Hop

    22. I so need to make a solar pizza oven. They look so fun

    23. Great pictures and lots of learning activities in your home this week! Love the mountain pictures and cave...what fun for the kids! The fire truck pictures reminded me of how many times my children have enjoyed the tours and demonstations we have attended over the years. Thanks for sharing.


      Jarnette @ Seasons of Life


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