Friday, September 9, 2011

Outdoor Hour Challenge #1: Common Milkweed

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Woot! Barb at Handbook of Nature Study is doing a WHOLE NEW SERIES of nature studies based on the book of the same title! We LOVE these challenges as it gives us a focus to our studies and a chance to share them with others. AND her friend Tina has FREE blank journal pages available for ALL ages (if you're like us and want something with that has specific information, but not too specific and not have to create it yourself.) Let the nature exploring begin!

Our first challenge was to study Common Milkweed, and it's perfect for us because we discovered milkweed last year and find it a fun, interesting plant to observe. So, off we went to our patch of plants near the pond.
Common Milkweed this Spring With Ladybug
Common Milkweed Flowers - Photo by Garry Kessler
Common Milkweed Pod
Common Milkweed Open and Seeds - Photo by Granny Janny
Along our walk we spotted and heard Blue Jays, Blackbirds, Mourning Doves, and Goldfinches. The kids found some scat in the road with berries and plants inside (And yes, we looked, but didn't touch! LOL) We saw some fall weeds, flowering, and noticed the Lesser Duckweed in the pond has exploded over the water.
And after we returned from our walk and had lunch, we created our journal pages for our first Outdoor Challenge this fall.
S's Journal Page
C's Journal Page
J's Journal Page
We're looking forward to next Friday's challenge! Are you? Check out Barb's blog! You don't have to complete the challenges on Friday or within the week; just link up when you complete your Outdoor Hour!

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