Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: August 6 - 12

In My Life This Week
Chasing a stub-tailed chipmunk! You would think that this chipmunk would've learned a lesson the first time getting inside the house (hence the missing tail via our cat), but no! it darted inside again. I'm happy to report though that WHEN THE CAT did finally catch up with Chippy, Dad rescued her/him again. I think the CHIPMUNK has 9 lives too! 
Photo by Wikipedia
And it was poor C's turn for ear infections this week.

In Our Homeschool This Week
We cracked geodes! Geodes are sedimentary and volcanic rocks with crystals that SOMETIME form inside. Most geodes are limestone with quartz centers, and are usually found as river beds erode and they fall into streams. Find more information about Geodes at Rocks and Minerals 4 U.
Our Geodes Before Cracking
S's Geode Crystals Were Ice Blue Colored
C's Geode Crystals Were Clear
S's Looking at His Crystals With a Magnifying Glass
The kids helped Dad plan and construct the chickens permanent run over the weekend! A lot of measuring, cuttng, hammering, visualizing, and problem-solving, but a GREAT result! Wanna see the chickens homecoming? Click here! 

How exciting it was to see a hummingbird in C's flower garden! We haven't had them before and they're such neat little birds! It was fun to see her looking at us, hovering, while we looked at her! LOL The Ruby-throated Hummingbird is the smallest bird in Maine! They flap their wings 50-60 times PER SECOND and their heart beats 1260 beats per MINUTE. They are attracted to red, tubular flowers. (And no, no photo! Perhaps next time!)
This Photo by Jamie Harrelson from NC
C's Orange-Red Glads
I decided that S and I needed a break from Hooked on Phonics: Learn to Read. Sure, we only had 3 more readers and about 5 pages left in the worktext, but sometimes you just know that it's time for a break. So, he's been reading Bob Books this week. He read through (accurately and quickly) 12 books! 

Places We're Going and People We're Seeing
  • C joined her Junior Girl Scouts for an overnight of backyard camping with a cook-out, swimming, stargazing, and campfire story-telling
  • Open Basketball for J and C with games and skill drills
  • S had a playdate with a new friend S
  • J's friend T came over to help build the chicken run
  • J off for another Boy Scout camping weekend
My Favorite Thing This Week
Unplugging! Without TV, video games and computers to fill hours and hours of our time we're much more productive, creative and relaxed. 

What's Working/Not Working For Us
Attitudes and over-scheduling! 

Thoughts/Questions I Have
How long will being unplugged last? 

A Photo, Video, Link, or Quote to Share
Sassy and Roadrunner
Ewok, Cheeper, Speckles and Unnamed
S with Cheeper
Unnamed and Black Eye
S in the Coop with Ewok and Sassy
Black Eye
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  1. Very cool about the geodes!
    I love seeing humming birds in our garden here in NH, but I have never gotten a picture..

  2. I'm forever trying to snap a hummingbird picture when I'm at my dads. So far nothing but fail. LOL

    Geodes are so cool. Kayleigh would go nuts because she has a thing for rocks. LOL

  3. We love hummingbirds too! :) I have a lot of pictures of an empty hummingbird feeder because they fly away before I can get the shot.

    Looks like you had a very busy and interesting week.

  4. We have humming birds also. We finally captured our pictures by studying their habits, finding out that they return to the feeder every 10 to 15 minutes, so we would have our camera ready when it was close to time for their return. Now they are so used to us sitting on our back porch they'll come to the feeders while we are sitting there. We enjoy them very much. We mix our own sugar water so we can make it sweet. They love it.

  5. oh, I've (I mean my kids have) been wanting to crack open some geods!! yours look beautiful- from THMJ

  6. Those geode's look neat! I'd never heard of them before. Visiting from the weekly wrap-up. :)

  7. Bringing home a geode was one of my son's favorite parts about our trip out west :) And, I have to say, I am definitely rooting for the chipmunk here.

  8. Unplugging is so hard to do. We don't realize how much we rely on technology. We have done the same over the past few weeks and it's amazing how clean the house gets and how much is accomplished.

    Love your pics!

  9. love your chicken photos and especially love their names!!

  10. I Love to visit your blog. I have missed Maine so much this year (especially as we are scorching down here, would love some of your weather!). It looks like you have had lots of fun stuff going on! I love your chicken pics too! They sure look great & a great variety!!

    Many Blessings!

  11. Absolutely beautiful pics! I love the idea of the geodes and many, many kudos for turning off the technology! I am hoping to do that when we get home from vacation.

    Many blessings,

  12. We are in the process of getting 5 laying hens this week :)

    I'm stopping by via the Fun Tuesday Hop and am your newest Follower :)

    I co-host Wednesday's New Block Party Hop if you would like join in the Fun..

    ~ Jill

  13. What a great week! Love the photos.

  14. I think geodes are so cool. I love them.

  15. What a great hands-on learning experience! Thank you for sharing it on The Sunday SHowcase


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