Friday, July 15, 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: July 9-14

In My Life This Week
One breezy, sun-dappled afternoon, S and I took a meandering walk together.  Mourning Doves were cooing softly. Blue jays were screeching from the evergreens. We spotted a brilliantly colored Scarlet Tanager sitting near the side of our dirt road. And a lone bull frog was croaking from the duckweed-covered pond. We found several new and old flowers and weeds that we identified, including Black-eyed Susans, Red Clover and Common Milkweed. S collected several different kinds of leaves to check which ones curled in the freezer, an experiment we did last winter to see how shrubs deal with our cold, snowy winters. Nothing like a relaxing walk to have quality time with the kids!

A Ladybug Beetle on Common Milkweed
S Sitting on "S's Rock" Along the Way

In Our Homeschool This Week
Books, books, books! Summer around here means grabbing a book and bringing it with you - to the beach, to the Rec Center, to the state park, in the van. We read under the broadleafs, swaying in the hammock. We read with toes sunk in sand. And we read tucked into our beds with the fans whirring. It's a good thing the library is close-by (and we have our own overflowing shelves)!
S was Inspired by This Book to Make a Leaf Collection
Lovely Pictures with Plant Info
A Fun Book About the States and Geography
S spent hours building a mountain rescue helicopter, a speed boat and an air show bi-plane from a cool new Lego kit.
S's Bi-Plane
S's Mountain Rescue Helicopter
S's Speed Boat
There was a HUGE clattering commotion outside on Tuesday afternoon. Squirrels? Birds? We went outside after the noise stopped and found 2 Robin fledglings near our garden. Several Robins were flying around as well as a LARGE predator bird of some sort. We think the predator tried to take the fledglings. We spent a hour or so researching on-line and found out that Robin fledglings actually spend time before flight foraging on the ground with their parents nearby. The babies hopped into the woods and we watched Mom feed one. We worried a bit about them, but decided to let nature go its course.

What's Working/Not Working For Us 
Being too busy! I'm one tired Mom today! I'm in need of some "vacation" time for a few hours.

 Places We're Going and People We're Seeing
  • J volunteered to work at the Boy Scout yard sale on Saturday
  • C visited the pet store and came back with John Smith, a long-haired Teddy Bear hamster (since Mocha died last week)
  • S went to Track and Field Camp Monday - Friday and had a GREAT time, and C joined in Tuesday - Friday
  • J and A went to a KISS concert
  • We went to the Rec Center Monday - Friday for Kids Eat Free and the kids played Dodgeball
  • J volunteered at the library on Wednesday
  • C and S participated in American Girls Crafts - Yes! S too! LOL - and Drawing at the library on Wednesday
  • We went swimming Monday -Thursday
S Running the 1600m (1 Mile)
C Running 1600m (1 Mile)
    My Favorite Thing This Week Was
    C came home on Monday from her extended visit with my family. She had fun swimming in the cold Atlantic, shopping with my Mom (and coming back with some new clothing), playing with my niece, cooking yummy breakfasts, but she missed home...and we missed her!

    Questions/Thoughts I Have
    What does Staples have on special THIS week?! And I should probably reorganize the school supply drawer.

    A Photo, Video, Link, or Quote to Share
    S's Practicing his Reading. Notice the Smiley Face? LOL
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    1. We had that same experience with robin fledglings a month or so ago. I was a nervous wreck!

    2. It sounds like you all had a good week. I love the nature picks.

    3. Love your update this week! I love the running pictures! As soon as it cools off here I hope to get my gang running!


    4. Oh what a very full, wonderful week! Your nature photos are beautiful. I understand about 'needing to' while needing to have some rest for weary mom. Put your feet up and rest for a while this weekend? Stopping by from the weekly wrap :)

    5. It sounds like a very busy week. Great pictures!

    6. Beautiful pics, really captured the moments!

      I am a new follower from the weekend blog hop. Hope you get a chance to visit and follow back. Have a great weekend!


    7. Gorgeous photos, as usual. And you are too busy. I don't do that much in two weeks. LOL At least not until fall.

    8. Sounds like a fun week!! When did summer get soo busy?? And I loved that the new hamster is named John Smith... that's coming up in our history soon;)

    9. Phew, I am tired just trying to read and keep up with you.

      Slow down and enjoy the blessings of a Maine summer!

      Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Siunflower House and a Little Green Island

    10. Looks like you had a very busy week. Hopefully this week you will have some relax time.

    11. Sounds like you all are keeping busy... no hearing "I'm bored" at your house! I love reading how others homeschool at their homes.

      Thanks for visiting me at A Season for All Things. I'm your newest follower and look forward to reading more of your homeschooling journey. My homeschoolers are almost all out of the nest. I have 2 seniors who are mostly dual enrolling at a college, and 1 sophomore. Oh how I miss the early years! ~ Ellen

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    13. Thanks for stopping by & encouraging me! I've actually been following your blog for some time. Know that you have inspired me as I have planned for our first year.

    14. We're at the library all of the time too! I always wonder, how are there so many books in the library? If every family checked out as many books as we do, the library shelves would be empty!

      I'm going to look up that States book as we are currently learning the States.

      Thanks for stopping in at waddlee-ah-chaa. Each week we highlight and give away great chlldren's literature. Our goal is to get books into the hands of children! We love books!

    15. I love Scarlet tanagers. Haven't seen one here this year.
      Thank you for finding my blog! It's exciting to find someone from Maine! Following you now and grabbing your button for my sidebar. Adding your beautiful blog to my blog list too.
      Looking forward to reading your blog. :)

    16. Great photos and very cute blog!
      Thanks for hopping by!
      I'm happily returning the follow!
      Have a great weekend!

    17. Looks like a great week. Thanks for stopping by my blog, following u back:)


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