Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: Days 87-91

S makes his 1st shot
We've completely just over 1/2 of our legally-required "instruction days"!
 C's 2nd Rummikub Game

Over the weekend J had his first basketball game. Although his team played hard, they weren't a match for a bigger, more experienced team and lost 24-40. C learned to play Rummikub...and doesn't want to stop! (And yes, she beat me! ((sighs)) LOL) S had his first Basketball Skills and Drills and LOVED it! 

Accomplishments over the week:

J's Herb Garden Terrarium
  • worked on his January Pond Press newsletter
  • finished up Lesson 8: Measuring Length in Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra and got a 83% on his chapter test
  • completed Module 6: Foundations of Geology in Apologia General Science and got a 100% on his Module test
  • finished Lesson 13 in Wordly Wise 3000 Level 6 and started Lesson 14
  • created his Chapter 10 World History Timeline notebook page and started Chapter 11
  • worked on past and irregular verbs at The Teacher's Cafe Middle School Grammar
C's Sand Art
  • completed Lessons 50-52 in Saxon 54 and got a 80% on her test
  • finished Lesson 7: Rodents and the Rest in Apologia Zoology III and created 6 notebooking pages
  • completed Step 2 in All About Spelling Level 2 and started Step 3
  • continued working on her History Pockets: Native American unit study
  • reviewed possession nouns with Grammar and Writing Handbook and wrote a story about camping
  • made a loaf of French bread in the bread machine
S's Emperor Penguin
  • read paged 18-25 in Hooked on Phonics: Learn to Read Level 1 and read "Rag" (Reader 2)
  • completed Lessons 70-74 in Horizons Math K
  • finished 5 dot-to-dot and 5 Kumon mazes worksheets
  • continued working on his Winter lapbook
  • did Handwriting Without Tears pages on K
  • built CVC Short A words using Boggle Jr

Click on this link to see our 2nd Winter Wednesday Nature Study on backyard feeder birds and finding color in winter and this link to read about C and S's Unit Studies on Native Americans and Winter.
J's World History Timeline

We were INCREDIBLY busy on Tuesday! Phew! Not only did we get school assignments completed (mostly) in the morning, but we headed into the city to get new library books and videos, grocery shopped, mailed out a package at the P.O., and had basketball practice (C) and Boy Scouts (J) in the early evening. (S didn't make OT as he was feeling sick.) And A made a turkey dinner!

Snow-covered Spruce Tree
And then the snow came on Wednesday and all our outside-the-home activities were canceled for the afternoon. We were able to spend a fun, relaxed couple of hours on our Winter Wednesday Nature Studies, playing outside in the snowstorm, and watch some new movies from the library. With S and I still feeling "under the weather", we needed a day at home.  

J had Not Math Math class in the morning on Thursday after we shoveled out. They made abacuses during class and will learn how to use them next week. J also had basketball practice on Friday, but otherwise our week wrapped up right at home.

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  1. Pretty side of the mountain.
    Following from the blog hop. Hope you can follow back.
    God Bless,
    < a href="">Finding My Life in Faith< /a>

  2. We love All About Spelling here...I am using it with my dd6 {first grade}as a reading program...still debating whether to use it for spelling with ds8 {3rd grade}.

    Love the snow covered spruce tree picture...we got that snow on Tuesday, but it doesn't look like we got as much as you :)

  3. Sounds like a great week! Love the sand art. So beautiful!

  4. Thanks for hoppin' in, Shelley!

    Thanks, Wendi! I took the spruce picture during our last snowstorm. AAS is working for my 3rd grader! (And she likes it better than the other program we were using.)

    Thanks, Stef! C wants about Sand Art kit! LOL

  5. We would love to have you link your bird list over at Kingdom Arrows on the last day of the month. Thanks for visiting!

  6. I hope to do that, Heather! (Now to remember...LOL)

  7. Wow, I thought WE had snow, but I believe you have us beat!

    Sounds like a great (and busy) week!

  8. Hi! I found you through my stats and I'm so glad that I did! I looks like your kiddos and you have been very productive and having FUN too! That's the best part about homeschooling isn't it?!

  9. Looks like a fun, productive week. Love the sand art! I'm sure a snow day was fun. Saw your link on the Hip Homeschool Hop.

  10. Really like how you break down your week by listing the acheivements of each child!

  11. Your mountain is beautiful! My little one has autism and SPD as you probably saw when you stopped by to visit our blog. Homeschooling has been so wonderful for us and it looks like it is a beautiful thing for your family as well. Keep up the great work!


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