Friday, January 14, 2011

C and S's Unit Studies: Part 2 - Tlingits and Winter

S's Color-by-Number Zookeeper
Day 6: C and S worked on their mini-books while I read aloud. C finished up her igloo story mini-book for Inuits and started her HP's Tlingits of the Northwest information sheets.  S continued adding "fur" to his Polar Bear counting activity, completed 3 more color word mittens, and finished a color-by-number Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? zookeeper. 

C's Igloo Story
Day 7/8: With S and I STILL not feeling well from a cold, we watched a video on how rain, snow and other precipitation forms and read books, snuggled up under blankets on the sofa. 

C's Tlingit Potlatch Mask
Day 9: We read about migration and hibernation in Explore Winter! 25 Great Ways to Learn about Winter. C worked on her Tlingit picture dictionary words and finished coloring her pocket title. S completed definition mini books on hibernation and migration, one on Animals in Winter, and 2 worksheets on animal tracks.

S's Completed Polar Bear
Day 10: S worked on his What I like to Do in the Snow mini book - he likes to sled - and his The Mitten animal trait matchbooks and finished adding "fur" to his Polar Bear. C made a  Tlingit potlatch mask. The Tlingits, as well as other Native Americans, had potlatch feasts which were important for status and respect within the tribes. And then J joined C and S to make Inuksuit (Ee-nook-sweet). Inuksuit are traditional stone structures that represent powerful symbols in the Canadian Arctic Native American tribes (such as the Inuit). Stones are hard to find right now (considering we have 18 or more inches of snow), so we made our Inuksuit out of Snack Well cookies and frosting. LOL 

Our Inuksuit
Animal Predators: Polar Bears (Sandra Markle)
Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear? (Eric Carle)
Ice Bear: In the Steps of the Polar Bear (Nicola Davies)
Snow Globe Family (Jane O'Connor)
Katy and the Big Snow (Virginia Lee Burton)
Tracks in the Snow (Wong Herbert Yee)
Jon Scieszka's Trucktown Snow Trucking! (David Shannon)
Make Your Own Inuksuk (Mary Wallace)

Weather Fundamentals: Rain & Snow (Schlessinger)

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