Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up - EGG-cellent!: August 4-10

In Our Life
Who wouldn't thought just how many eggs 7 chickens could lay in just 8 1/2 months?! The clucks have given us 1001 eggs this year thus far!

A surprise trip to the water and amusement park on Sunday! The Saplings were SUPER excited! We met up with my sister and niece and her friends at the park, but mostly did our own thing. *I* even went on some waterslides! ::laugh:: Unfortunately the park closed down soon after we started exploring the amusement park side due to a thunderstorm rolling in around 6:00pm. But guess what? They have a weather guarantee and we have 4 more passes for the amusement park to use another time!

Lots more time at the lake, swimming and picnicking and "hanging out" with friends. We're very fortunate to have a large, clean lake just 4 miles away to enjoy! And to have Rec Center Free Lunch for Kids available RIGHT BY the lake! It's been GREAT not having to think about lunch (or to shop for it) Monday - Friday!

But the MOST FUN is swimming after dinner! We've been having a blast swimming at sunset before bedtime!

And I also took the van to get inspected on Tuesday and ended up needing some significant repairs - ::sigh:: Really?! - and the dog and cat visited the vet for their annual check-ups.

What's Cooking?
A taste of fall! For our special dessert this week - and one that we shared with friends at the Rec Center and lake - was PUMPKIN WHOOPIES WITH MAPLE CREAM CHEESE FILLING from Brown Eyed Baker. Want to try them? Click here for the recipe! You'll like them! ::wink::

In Our Homeschool
Well, we finished up our first Create Better Writer's paragraph. (Did you see my review post here?) And unfortunately it "brought to light" that my older Saplings have more writing review work to do. So, guess WHO'S doing some more writing in August? "But, Mooooom, it's summer!" What better time! ::laugh:: And Balsam Fir continued his phonics and sight word learning with an on-line program we're reviewing.

And White Pine made pickles from some of the garden cucumbers. I suppose it's not REALLY school, but it was something new that he's never made before, and they came out AWESOME!

We're Reading...
...Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur  (me...and no laughing because it's a middle school book ::laugh::), We Few by David Weber (White Pine), (Sugar Maple), Nate the Great by Marjorie Sharmat (Balsam Fir), and The Cricket in Times Square by George Selden (read aloud).

A Few of Our Favorite Things
Behold! It's the, um, son? daughter? of Capacity Dad and Fraction Mama! Nah, it's just an idea I found on Pinterest at S is for Second Grade for Gallon Man that I "ran with". I'm hoping this will answer my younger Saplings questions of, "How many cups in a pint? pints in a quart?" And, of course, I had to do something for the HAIR. Don't you think the fraction "locks" work? ::grin:: I decided that breaking down cups into tablespoons was out of the question for Cap-Frac. Can you imagine all those little pieces of paper! Blue Spruce suggested I add LITERS, but I think that's a project for HIM to complete. ::wink:: Cap-Frac now decorates our wall next to the thermastat and the beginning of our SOTW timeline from Tending our Lord's Garden.

Yeah, Cap-Frac Turned Out Bigger Than
I Had Anticipated
Here's Cap-Frac Beside the Beginning
of Our SOTW Timeline

Guess what? My boys both have LOOSE TEETH. I never thought I would be able to say that considering they're 6 years apart! But, yes, my 13-and-a-half-year-old is FINALLY losing that last molar...and my little Sapling is wondering when tooth #3 and #4 will fall out.

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  1. When I saw your wrap-up posted, I thought "wow, she's early this week." I can't believe it is Friday!!

    Pickle making would be school here- and they look oh-so-yummy! Cap-frac is awesome! We are going to have to make him. And that lake is gorgeous. What a wonderful place to make memories with your kiddos.

    Oh, and I read middle school books all the time. ;)

  2. My daughter read Love, Aubrey last year before she left parochial school. It was a Mark Twain nominee book. The kids had to read at least 4 nominees to vote.

    Amber said it was good but really sad at points. She doesn't like sad.

  3. 1001 eggs!!?? WOW! Waterslides and Lake swimming = perfect Summer. :)

    Keilee wants to make pickles so badly. I :)

    You know, when we head to the library the Young Adult section is the first place I head...what does that say about me? :) And I love GIANT Cap-Frac. :)

  4. 1001 eggs?? That is amazing!

    Your lake trips sound like so much fun. And how perfect to have lunch taken care of too.

    Funny about them both having loose teeth :-). We're still waiting on my 7 year old to get his first loose tooth!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Those whoopie pies look really delicious. I may have to wait until fall to try them since it's been so hot. A good time to play in the lake!

    And I love Cap-Frac. Very crafty!

  6. That's awesome about the eggs! We've had some chicken issues this summer...we had a bad fox attack and our 5 remaining chickens have had to stay in the coop to their great unhappiness :( (They had been free ranging all day long)
    Looks like a fun week! Love the pickles and all the fun time at the lake and water slides :)
    Thanks for linking up...Cap-Frac looks like a nifty project!

  7. That's a lot of eggs. Yum!

    Mackenzie is still loosing teeth left and right. I wish she'd finish already because we're going broke. The tooth fairy's hubby is very, very, insanely generous. INSANELY. lol

  8. I just want the cream cheese filling!

  9. Leslie@Maineiachomeschoolers.blogspot.comAugust 12, 2012 at 11:08 AM

    Nice to "meet" you too. So nice to know there are more Mainers out there. I can't believe I haven't tried a whoopie pie yet, I think I'll have to try your recipe.

  10. Thanks for the comment! It looks like you guys had a fun week too. That pumpkin pie looks yummy! :)

  11. Love the rubber ducky picture - that is cute!! And I am off to get the pumpkin whoopie pie recipe, it looks delicious.

  12. Hi there, enjoyed reading your entry for this weeks HHHop. Love te look of those pumkin whoopies. Yum!

  13. Oh, my, 1001 eggs??? That's amazing!
    And I think I'm going to be jealous of those whoopie pies. ;-)

  14. I so want to raise egg laying hens! But alas, I live in North Pole, Alaska, and the idea of trying to care for them in -50 temps during the winter has me thinking, no. Love the pumpkin woopie pie recipe! Hopped over and Following!

  15. What a beautiful picture of the lake! I just made red velvet whoopie pies but your pumpkin recipe sounds so delicious that I am going to print it out and give it a try. We loved doing the galloon man project as well! We still have it taped up inside of our schoolroom. Thanks for linking up this week to my Enchanted Thursdays Blog Hop!

  16. Oh thanks for linking with Kids in the Kitchen! It's great to have ya back - love the recipe - I pinned and tweeted it out! looks like a great week! God bless-


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