Friday, December 23, 2011

Mid-Year Summary: Are We Where We Should Be?

Of course! I used to be anxious about making EVERY SINGLE AMBITIOUS GOAL I've set for the Trees, but I've become more relaxed over the years. Sure - I still make ALL those challenging goals, but I don't worry if we don't make some of them. There have been some bumps along the way, but so far it's been an accomplished year!

White Pine (8th Grade) Summary

Saxon Grammar and Writing Grade 8
Grammar: completed lesson 36 out of 103 (including "more practice" sets)
Writing: completed lesson 8 out of 21
Vocabulary: 2000 points  -  Reading: 36 books

Saxon Algebra 1/2
completed lesson 41 out of 123 (including "more practice" sets and tests)

Prentice Hall Earth Science
completed Chapter 7 out of 21

America: The Story of Us
completed Episode 8 out of 12  -  vocabulary words: 66

Goals for Rest of Year
Complete Saxon Grammar and Writing, Saxon Algebra 1/2, Prentice Hall Earth Science and America: The Story of Us
Continue reading a variety of genres
Reach 20 000 points on Vocabulary
20 total volunteer hours at the library

Sugar Maple (4th Grade) Summary

Saxon Grammar and Writing Grade 5
Grammar: Completed 23 out of 112 (including "more practice" sets)
Writing: Completed 5 out of 21
Draw Write Now Book : 6 - Reading: 66 books

MCP Math Level D
completed lessons 5-10 out of 16-9 

Apologia Astronomy
completed lesson 6 out of 14

History Pockets: North American Explorers

Goals for Rest of Year
Complete 56 lessons in Grammar and 11 lessons in Writing
Add Draw Write Now to EACH school day
Complete MCP Math, Apologia Astronomy and History Pockets
Continue reading, but more advanced level books
Complete a Health unit study
Add in US Geography

Balsam Fir (1st Grade) Summary

Language Arts
Hooked on Phonics: Learn to Read Level 2: 33 out of 72
Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons: 57 out of 100
First Language Lessons Level 1: lesson 18 out of 100
Scott Foreman Grammar and Writing Handbook Grade 1: Unit 2 out of 6
Handwriting Without Tears (Kindergarten): COMPLETED
Draw Write Now Book 1: 7 - Reading: 42 books

Saxon Math 1
completed lesson 50 out of 130 (including drill worksheets and assessments)

Apologia Astronomy
See Sugar Maple
Ocean Unit Study

Map Skills for Today

Path Quest: Perceptual Motor Adventures (visual) Stage 1

Goals for Rest of Year
Complete Hooked on Phonics, Teach Your Child to Read, Grammar and Writing Handbook, Draw Write Now, Saxon Math 1, Oceans, Path Quest, and Apologia Astronomy
Complete Health unit study

How to Teach Art to Children
Completed Line, Shape and Color

Goals for Rest of Year
Finish Value, Texture, Form, and Space as well as 5 Artists


  1. I like this mid-year summary! I shall copy!

  2. Me too!

    and also...MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  3. Merry Christmas! We r not at mid point yet. Sometime in January we should hit it. Great post. And I have also learned to go at my own pace and not be a slave to page numbers!

  4. You seem organized, I need to make a list of goals for the rest of the year to help me stay on track.

  5. Awesome year. Have a great News Years =)


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