Thursday, June 9, 2011

Songo River Queen II

We paddle-wheeled down Long Lake, Brandy Pond and the Songo River this morning with about 175 other homeschoolers aboard the Songo River Queen II in Naples, Maine. The Songo River Queen II  is a stern paddle wheeler with 2 decks.
Songo River Queen II Docked
A few minutes after we boarded and started our cruise, we watched a bridge swing sideways to allow us through. Soon, this area will have a new, higher bridge to replace this one and the Songo River Queen II will no longer be able to cruise onto Brandy Pond and the Songo River. (It's not high ENOUGH for it to pass under.)
Before the Bridge Swings Open
A Metal Circular Track Under the Bridge to Help it Swing Open and Closed
Bridge Open

Along the way the kids explored the decks, talked with friends, had snacks, and eventually settled down to watch the water and scenery go by. We turned around and headed back to the causeway after the Songo Lock, an historic manually operated lock.
S Looking Through the Viewing Window at the Paddle Wheels
A Fallen Tree
Canada Geese
C Listening to her MP3 Player
Reflections in the Water
Too Early in the Morning for J
Information About the Songo Lock
And the Gang Without Me


  1. What a fun way to spend the day. My son would have enjoyed it very much!

  2. Great field trip! We would have loved to have been with you guys. It looks like fun.

  3. Incredible! In our geography study we have discussed locks and how they work a few times. I'll have to " show and tell" your pictures.

  4. Nice! I need to get my photos up. ;-) It was fun but so HOT while we waited to get through the lock. Summer is finally here!


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